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Michael Savage Discusses Assault By Crazed Liberal – And How His Industry “Friends” Have Abandoned Him

If you’re not up to speed on what happened to conservative radio host Michael Savage the other night, here’s the rundown according to the good Doctor:

– Savage was having dinner at a Servino Ristorante in Tiburon, CA around 8:30 PM on Tuesday with his beloved poodle, Teddy.

– Some guy comes out of the restaurant and starts yelling at Savage – mocking his real last name “Hey Weiner! Heeeey Weiner!!!”

– Guy comes up and “sweep” kicks Teddy the dog to the side, then throws Savage to the ground, bloodying the radio host.

– Some bystander broke it up, but was punched in the process.

– Other guy claims 4 year old Savage started it.

– Cops show up, both parties make citizen’s arrest. Cops let both go.

When Savage went on the air yesterday to talk about what happened – one of the first things he mentioned was how disgusting the media’s response was, in particular people in his industry. It was as if nobody believed him; the headlines were all saying “alleged” and “purportedly,” and no prominent conservative radio hosts – including Rush Limbaugh – even mentioned the incident, whereas Savage said he’s defended Limbaugh in the past.

Maybe, just maybe – they thought that since Savage has a book coming out in 11 days he faked it? That’s asinine – they could have at least dropped him a call or an email – like some of his real friends did.


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  1. sarcrilege

    I guess that’s what happens if one is a Jew and not 100% behind the zionist agenda peddled by Soros’ apparatchiks.

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  2. Uglyflint

    Nobody gives a fuck about savage the legend here. No wonder there’s so many bennyshills on flys blog.

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  3. Uglyflint

    Zero,FYI, savages book came out this past Tuesday the 14th.

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  4. Metalleg

    Poor dog. If I were nearby, I would have ripped the attacker’s throat out and stuffed it up his ass.

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