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John McAfee: “The Most Deceptive Propaganda To Date Was Perpetrated On The American Public”

hack3Security expert and former Libertarian presidential candidate John McAfee went on RT yesterday to discuss the Grizzly Steppe report by Homeland Security. While not addressing the intelligence community’s latest waffling in the ever-changing narrative (now it’s a third party), McAfee went after the crux of the original evidence in the FBI/DHS findings. For anyone still suffering from Red Dawn syndrome, I suggest setting aside your Russophobic tendies for the moment and ignore the fact that this interview was brought to you by RT – because despite possibly having his neighbor murdered in Belize for poisoning four of his 11 dogs McAfee knows a metric ton about this exact topic, and I get the impression the guy is a big fan of freedom. And revenge.

McAfee isn’t shilling for Trump either, as evidenced by an appearance on Larry King Now last week during which he laid out his grave concerns over the President-elect’s cyber security policies, which will ultimately be handled by the FBI.

fgpetarded2The nuts and bolts of McAfee’s argument is that Russia, with it’s high level of sophistication in cyber-warfare, would never be stupid enough to leave the very obvious fingerprints that US Intelligence cites as the foundation of their case for Russian involvement in the DNC hacks. In other words, this isn’t how state actors penetrate networks and perform espionage.

McAfee specifically pointed to the following key arguments in the Grizzly Steppe report:

  1. Russian language was found in the malware – which would make them borderline retarded.
  2. A Cyrillic (Russian language) keyboard was used to create the malware.
  3. The compiler (piece of software that finalizes the malware) time stamped the malware during Russian business hours – which anyone trying to make it look like Russia would do.
  4. IP address pointed to Russia – again, they’d have to be fairly new at hacking to do something like that.

All of which are the hallmarks of a 15 year old kid acting alone, or a poorly fabricated body of evidence.

I really don’t think this is going well for the establishment. The US Government can’t continue to drop cobbled together “bombshells” on the American public with such weak evidence, after we have very recently come to expect Wikileaks-level disclosure. As a nation, we aren’t just going to go from un-refuted emails involving pay to play,  #SpiritCooking and Zero Point Energy to “US Officials declined to describe the intelligence obtained, or how they obtained it.” I don’t think people are buying the “just trust us” argument anymore. I know Oliver Stone gets it.

The era of true transparency has begun, fueled by red-pilled insiders like Edward Snowden, Chelsea Manning, suspected DNC leaker and suspicious murder victim Seth Rich, and Craig Murray  –  whose efforts to expose high level malfeasance were delivered via safe channels such as Wikileaks and Glenn Greenwald. Daily dumps of the Podesta / DNC emails were analyzed with remarkable speed and accuracy through a massive, ongoing, crowdsoured investigative effort involving hundreds of thousands of citizens. The findings have been analyzed and broadcast to millions thorough bastions of truth such as the Drudge Report, ZeroHedge, and Breitbart, (and of course the increasingly censored Twitter platform), and has resulted in higher quality journalism than the entire mainstream media complex. Consider how fast that WaPo Electric grid hacking story was dismantled. I can’t imagine there’s ever been another period in history in which a government’s lies were so quickly and effectively exposed and disproven. This is historic, and much of it has happened over the last 6 months. In the meantime, US Intel agencies will continue to look progressively foolish every time they double down on this rabbit hole of phantam Russians, who were apparently so clumsy that they made entry-level hacking mistakes in their pursuit to “rig the election” by exposing the truth.

Alternatively, and as Julian Assange told Sean Hannity just days ago, the Russians had nothing to do with the leaks – which would make this intelligence charade pure propaganda.

p.s. John Podesta’s password was [email protected]

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Trump’s Favorability Up Bigly Before Inauguration – Increasing Number Of Hispanics View As Good Hombre

w9usznqGiven the left’s predilection for using identity politics to slander opponents and incite hatred, it’s important to try and shed light on who actually thinks what. In the latest People’s Pundit Daily poll to “correct the record,” President-elect Donald J. Trump’s favorability has risen slightly above Bloomberg’s December 7th calculation of 51% in advance of Inauguration day. Solid gains were realized across the diverse rainbow of humanity that is America. For those who don’t know, PPD is one of the few polling organizations which nailed the election, and their methods are sound.

In a nutshell: Blacks are warming up to The Donald, but Hispanics in particular are increasingly down with “Good Hombre” Trump – even after his declaration of open season on the 2-3 million estimated illegal immigrant felons as soon as he steps into office. Hmm, maybe honest hard-working Mexicans have the same problem with illegals as Mexican labor hero Cesar Chavez, and illegal criminals sound like a universally great place to start?


wandMaybe – just maybe it has something to do with the roughly 61,000 jobs Trump has “created or saved” before even setting foot in the Oval Office? Must be using some kind of magic wand. A hard working centipede on Reddit compiled the following:

Carrier – 1150 jobs claimed to have been saved by trump. 350 were always going to stay as disputed by critics, Carrier spokesman say this is correct. In Total: 800 jobs were saved by Trump!

US Steel – A steel manufaturing CEO notes that jobs have been on the decrease lately. CEO notes that he would be willing to rehire 10,000 workers lost during the recession if the environment and policies regarding regulation and tax law become more optimal. Since Trumps victory stock for the steel corporation has risen 79%. In total: Possibly 10,000 future jobs saved by Trump (NOT CONFIRMED OR SET IN STONE)

IBM – Ahead of a meeting with trump in late December the CEO of IBM (also now a member of trumps business advising group) told the media it will save 25,000 jobs in the US over the course of 4 years. HOWEVER, the jobs postings were listed 6 months in advance causing critics to say whether it was the result of trump personally or simply a reannouncement of the job openings. IBM has not given any comment. In Total: 0 Jobs definitively added by trump. More Data is required in order to convince critics that trump was the reason.

SoftBank – The CEO of softbank met with trump and agreed to a $100 billion dollar investment and 50,000 jobs added to the US. Trump has noted that the CEO would have never made this deal if he were not in office. However, the CEO of softbank (which also owns Sprint Mobile) has been trying to buy TMobile (the resultant would be bigger than at&t in coverage) since 2014 but hasn’t due to the head of the FCC calling in antitrust laws. Critics argue that the CEO made the deal in order to curry favor from trump to allow the merge to occur via a reappointment in the head of the FCC. In Total: Regardless of the reasoning behind the deal 50,000 jobs were undeniably saved because of Trump

Trans-Lux CEO claims that due to trump winning and his policies he is planning to move all jobs over to the US within a year. Currently 75 employees work in the US which is about 60% of its workforce. By simple math that means 125 employees work overseas. In Total: 125 future jobs saved by Trump!

Dow Chemicals – CEO claims at trump rally that 200 jobs will be added to the US (100 new jobs and 100 jobs transferred from outside the US). The CEO noted Trumps policies along with many other factors as their reasoning. In Total: 200 jobs were saved by Trump!

Sprint/OneWeb – This is an interesting one because Sprint is owned by SoftBank and is a major shareholder for OneWeb. Since SoftBank has already made a deal involving an additional 50,000 jobs I can not without a doubt say that Trump truly added an additional 8,000 jobs on top of the already aforementioned 50k. As a result, I will count it it as a 0. In Total: 0 jobs were saved by Trump.

Ford – CEO claims that due to Trumps Policies in a “vote of confidence” along with other major factors they have decided to save 700 jobs in the US. In Total: 700 Jobs were saved by Trump!

This is a total summation of all jobs that have been with out a doubt (unless you dislike facts and reason) saved by Trump or at least in part by Trump: 61,825

[List curated by Redditor Terra_Omega_3]


We can split hairs on the various agreements if you wish, but the message shining through the fog of partisan MSM hackery is clear; Trump is clearly working towards securing American jobs, whether it’s 10,000 or 61,825, after being directly challenged by President Obama over his ability to do so.

Sith Lords who fund BLM and incite hate crimes should beware the man with the golden touch, for his midichlorian count is higher than yours.


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It’s A Hate Crime: Chicago PD Finally Charge Four Attackers In Kidnapping And Torture of Special Needs Trump Supporter

Ac1banfjuoaalsogfter 24 hours of the Chicago Chief of Police and the MSM telling us that four black Chicago teens kidnapping a mentally disabled white Trump supporter isn’t a hate crime, the Chicago PD has finally caved to pressure and upgraded the situation from “kids messing around” and “just bad home training” to a full on hate crime.

Don’t think for a second that the Chicago PD did this out of some sort of new found moral compass. This was purely in reaction to national outrage at what’s very obviously a hate crime – despite CNN editing out “Fuck Trump” and “Fuck white people” from the video of the incident.


I’m expecting something along the lines of crickets from the Obama administration:

Meanwhile, the woman who posted the original video is tweeting from jail. She’s going to be a hero in prison.



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Chicago Teens Kidnap White Trump Supporter, Live Stream His Torture On Facebook


UPDATE: Chicago PD Press Conference reveals that the four suspects are all adults, the victim who is traumatized, had been with the perpetrators for 24-48 hours, and charges should be forthcoming. Officals aren’t willing to call it a hate crime at this point.

Four Chicago teens are in custody after a they live streamed what appears to be the kidnapping, beating, and mutilation of a white Trump supporter (scroll down for footage). In the profanity-laced video, the victim is seen bound and gagged in a corner while the thugs alternate between striking the man, cutting him, and threatening his life with anti-white / anti-Trump hate speech. This is apparently the second time these assailants have done this to a white Trump supporter, as further investigation has uncovered a second prior video of a similar attack.

“Fuck Donald Trump, Fuck white people”

“There’s gonna be a murder. Pop pop pop

We gonna put this bitch in the trunk, put a brick on the gas, like aaaaaaaaah

Pistol whip his ass, fool

th1 assailants otherguy




The woman who recorded the attack showed no remorse in the video’s comments section. Her post has since been removed:


More Facebook comments:


And the full 28 minute disturbing video of the incident (NSFW):

The victim is currently being treated for his injuries at a local hospital.

secondMeanwhile, an earlier look through the suspect’s Facebook feed led to another video of the same assailants kidnapping another Trump supporter in a similar attack (now deleted as well):


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Tucker Carlson Dismantles Smug University of Chicago Snowflake On Live TV

donebeingHappy New Year! As I cling to the last hours of vacation, I had to share this quick Tucker Carlson clip from the other night. His victim; Senior English Major Jake Bittle from the University of Chicago. Bittle, who also runs a retarded activist newspaper, took to social media to protest a UChicago campus visit by Trump’s new press secretary Sean Spicer – claiming that allowing free speech on campus would normalize the Trump administration. Bittle advocates projectile vomiting and “flipping cars” as an appropriate response.

Tucker artfully dismantles Bittle’s smug cockiness – the highlight being an awkward moment during the exchange in which Bittle melts down while failing to explain the Paris climate talks on which he so confidently opined just minutes earlier. Once the thin veneer of Bittle’s faux intellectualism crumbles, the dry mouthed stammering man-child fades into oblivion as a vanquished cuck.

Oh no, snowflake down!


“That’s not really debate. That’s something dumber, no?”

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