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Tucker Carlson Melts Face Off Vest-Wearing Fraud Who Claims to Pay Agitators $2500 to Protest Inauguration

Tucker Carlson has hit his stride. The man who was long ago cucked by Jon Stewart has made his way up the mountain and ascended to a higher plane of neuroplasticity. He now flows and gets it on the first and only take – a feat which many attribute to the fact that Tucker no longer suffers from the chi-restricting properties of bow-ties. His recent Reddit AMA (“Ask Me Anything”) was one of the best in a while.

hansenWith all that said, tonight’s cucking ceremony was a softball for Tucker, but it was made thoroughly enjoyable due to it’s “to catch a predator” vibe. Right off the bat, Tucker introduces the guest as a fraud – as in, he opens by calling the guy out for using a fake name. The unsuspecting shill, who goes by “Dominic Tullipso,” claims to be the director of a professional paid agitation firm called “Demand Protest,” which has been making the rounds through various news organizations with claims of 1,800 protesters on retainer at a rate of $2500/month each.

Tucker: “You have a wallet on you, like every grown man does – hold up a credit card, you can cover the number, to our camera and show us any piece of documentation with the name “Dominic Tullipso” on it. And you can’t, because that’s not your real name.

“Dom”: Tucker, you’re not accusing me of being a hoax, are you?

Tucker: I’m saying that your name is fake, and this company is fake, and that the claims you’ve made on your website are false

[A reeling “Dom” lazily excretes the word “ohh”]

At this point you can see that “Dom,” who’s wearing a sleeveless winter hipster vest on national TV, has never had to engage at this level. As he works hard for his participation award, Dom’s slick talking liberal snark begins to write checks his intellect can’t cash, and he starts digging himself deeper into oblivion. Tucker sees that his prey is mortally wounding itself, and simply allows this guy to unravel on live TV.

Tucker: “You are not legitimate, you are lying, we know that, you have fooled other news organizations, you did not fool us

ohshitAs the interview progresses, “Dom” liberal snark is greatly diminished yet resilient, however his logical core has melted into a puddle of free-associating, stammering Jell-O. He starts pledging allegiance to Julian Assange and Peyton Manning, and stated that their group went pro-Trump about 30 minutes before the interview.

“Dom”: We actually changed our mind though, about, um, we’re actually going after the protestors at the Inauguration. Um, so, we kind of changed our minds actually, recently and that was a result, mainly, of the enormous amount of hate mail we received. So we are protesting the protestors.

See the full cucking below:


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As Project Veritas Exposes “DisruptJ20” Plot To Cause Inauguration Chaos, Deplorables Out Organizer As Potential PizzaGate Pedo

Earlier today, investigative journalist James O’Keefe of Project Veritas released his second undercover exposé of the “DC Anti-facist Coalition,” which is using hashtag #DisruptJ20 in their plot to disrupt the Inauguration and related events. After successfully infiltrating the anarchist Democrat movement, O’Keefe’s team recorded “DisruptJ20” organizers Luke Kuhn and Colin Dunn at the infamous Comet Ping Pong pizza restaurant in Washington DC, where they divulged their plot to release butyric acid at the “Deploraball” Inauguration party. According to event organizer Mike Cernovich, the FBI has been notified. Interesting side-note; after the Veritas video was released yetserday, nimble navigators assembled what appears to be rock solid evidence linking one of the “Disrupt” organizers in the Veritas video, Luke Kuhn, to the whole #PizzaGate controversy – but I’ll get to that in a minute, or just scroll down. Back to the Veritas releases:

The meeting, captured on hidden camera, was held at Comet Ping Pong, a DC pizza restaurant that is better known as the location of the Pizzagate controversy,” Project Veritas said. “The coalition members discuss the steps they would need to take to halt the Deploraball event.” Project Veritas

See the full first O’Keefe video here which details plans by democrat agitators to gas their enemies at an event (released 1/16/2017):

In today’s release, as ZeroHedge reports, O’Keefe’s team reveals DisruptJ20 plans to “shut down the city, at like, mid-inauguration.” 

“So simultaneous to the checkpoint blockades in the morning, we are also doing a series of clusterfuck blockades, where we are going to try to blockade all the major ingress points in the city.”

“Which include, they can include shutting down major bridges and highway access points as well as shutting down metro rail.  So to do that we are going to try to break into several teams kind of like the checkpoints.”

“So fears in doing that, we don’t think these are going to be necessarily arrestable actions but there is a possibility you could be; so keep that in mind if you want to participate.”


NOW it gets even more interesting…

As soon as the Veritas video hit yesterday, nimble navigators on Reddit and 4chan found solid evidence suggesting DisruptJ20 organizer Luke Kuhn is a strange man. As investigative journalist William Craddick of Disobedient Media reported earlier, Kuhn made several pedophilic posts to usenet internet groups. One is a defense of sex with young boys “Yes, I did post a few articles to Boychat,” and in the other post, Kuhn envisions a child raping Ronald McDonald as a more effective deterrent than E-coli in dissuading children from eating McDonald’s.



And it seems that in 1998, the “Utopian Anarchist Party” which Kuhn was a big part of began to distance themselves after Kuhn’s posts in “chickie-hawk/kid-porn scene” forums. Apparently even liberal anarchists have boundaries.

“DC Indymedia editor Luke Kuhn and Bill White were partners in the UAP from 1996 to 2000. Both were identified as “occasional neo-Nazis” in 1998 for their tactics which included encouraging people to bomb public schools, supporting school shootings, publishing the phone numbers and addresses of private citizens to harass them (which is still a favored Luke Kuhn tactic), and their persistent appeals to young children to run away with them, while Luke Kuhn was advocating that it should be legal for adults to have sex with children.”

And from Redditor talmichael:

His full name is Paul Luke Kuhn:

Here are 1998 Archive.org links to Kuhn’s “Runaway Railroad,” his outreach to children who wish to run away from home. Not sure if he is still doing this. He includes all kinds of terrifying tips for minors so that no one finds them, including: Disguise: Cut it short or shave it — better to grow long, but hard to do Dye your hair — natural colors; not obviously dyed Grow a beard or shave — confounds verbal descriptions Change clothing style/appearance — easiest big change http://web.archive.org/web/19980626090853/http://www.overthrow.com/http://web.archive.org/web/19980626091533/http://www.overthrow.com/runrules.html This quote from a 1995 Washington Post article indicates Kuhn’s first name is actually Paul, and that he lived in Rockville at that time. Kuhn was known for going shirtless so I assume it’s the same person: Across the city, the curfew sparked a variety of reactions from the citizenry. When the clock atop the Riggs Bank in Georgetown struck midnight, Paul “Luke” Kuhn was parading down M Street, wearing brown shorts with no shirt and carrying a yellow placard that read “{Expletive} the curfew.” Kuhn, 29, of Rockville, called the curfew “the number one assault on our civil rights. This curfew is Pearl Harbor.” He said he and other opponents planned further demonstrations against the curfew. “The cops don’t like it. It’s ridiculous,” he said. “They’re being asked to hunt curfew violators when they could be hunting murderers.” In any event, few underage teenagers were in evidence on the streets of Georgetown after midnight. “We don’t have a lot of problems with teens in this area,” said Lt. Emmojean Simpson-Jones, shift supervisor in Georgetown. http://archive.is/4S8sy

So, to review Luke Kuhn, is planning on disrupting the Inauguration as an organizer of DisruptJ20, along with the other man caught on tape, Colin Dunn. It will be interesting to see where this goes.

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Former Black Panther To Tucker Carlson: Congressman John Lewis “Presided Over The Destruction of Black America”

weaverVietnam veteran and former “Berkeley Black Panther” liberal turned conservative author, Mason Weaver, appeared on Tucker Carlson Tonight with some harsh words for Civil Rights icon Rep. John Lewis (D-Ga), who recently referred to President-elect Trump as illegitimate. Weaver considers Lewis a turncoat who has been “collaborating with the Democrat party to oppress black America.”

Weaver begins with a short history lesson [links added for context]:

In the early 70’s and late 60’s, we were demonstrating and protesting for the right to compete as adult citizens of America, we were not demonstrating to be taken care of.

Congressman Lewis – he walked across the Pettus bridge and they beat him and ran over him, but those were Democrats. It was Democrat George Wallace [who] stood in the schoolhouse door, it was Democrat Bull Connor that oppressed [black] folks…

…he [Lewis] was fighting Democrats, but after they beat his behind on that bridge and ran over him and stomped him in the ground, he got up and turned and joined them!

Weaver then went on to describe how Democrat leadership has destroyed black communities:

Every district they [black Democrats] own and control is a ghetto hell hole. Is a place that no one wants to go to. They’re in control of every inner city school system, every inner city police, every inner city jail, they produce nothing but drugs and misery. They should be ashamed of themselves. I don’t understand why any black person could be a democrat.

In closing, Weaver brings it back to Congressman Lewis:

The democrat party has always been the party of abuse, the party of the Klan, the party that went to war to keep slaves, the party that’s always been [about] the destruction of black people. Mr. Lewis, you have presided over the destruction of black America, and you owe us an apology.

See the full interview here:

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Media Betrayal: Steve Harvey Given Uncle Tom Treatment After Trump Meeting, Nicole Kidman Suffers Pizza-Themed Hit Piece

Comedian Steve Harvey and actress Nicole Kidman are the latest celebrities in a growing list to come under fire for associating with President-elect Donald Trump, or making pro-Trump statements.

Harvey has come under vicious attack after meeting with Mr. Trump last Friday to discuss working with incoming HUD secretary Ben Carson on inner-city housing issues. Both Harvey and Carson grew up so poor, and so black, and rose to greatness in their fields – so I think it’s safe to assume they are going to be assets to the Black community. It should also be noted that President Obama’s transition team asked him to do it, which both transition teams supported. The “tolerant left,” including fellow black comedian DL Hughley, has not been kind.

huangpostIn the media’s latest attack on Harvey, sensitive Asian chef and Super Mario turtle faced author Eddie Huang penned a pithy little hit piece in the New York Times which basically called Harvey (who supported Hillary Clinton) a racist, after the comedian and TV show host made fun of a book cover that Huang had posted on instagram entitled “How to Date a White Woman – a practical guide for Asian men.” Harvey featured the image in a segment on his daytime TV show January 6th, after which he proceeded to crack jokes about how black women don’t like dating Asian men. Literally Hitler.

Huang, owner of Baohaus Taiwanese restaurant in Manhattan – and author of the book turned TV show “Fresh off the Boat,” has made a fortune off the “Fresh off the boat” franchise – a term which has, for decades, been used as a derogatory slur to describe Asian immigrants who aren’t familiar with American culture. Huang’s whole shtick is the hilarious confusion between Asian and American cultural misunderstandings – so racial comedy using a provocative title.

davidchangAs long as we’re talking race, are all celebrity Asian chefs this sensitive? If Dave Chappelle wanted to work with the Trump administration to help the black community in a similar capacity as Steve Harvey, do you think Korean chef David Chang would write a whiny little article about Chappelle’s stand-up to increase his visibility? I suspect not, because Chang doesn’t strike me as a sensitive, attention seeking, gold-chain wearing, Super Mario turtle faced opportunist – though I’m sure the left would find someone to write it. Granted, Huang’s opportunistic little hit-piece was related to something he posted on Instagram, however the point is that comedians make racial jokes all the time, and there was really no reason to write that article.

nicolekidNicole Kidman is yet another celebrity to come under recent fire after making pro-Trump statements to the BBC:

“[Trump’s] now elected, and we as a country need to support whoever’s the president because that’s what the country’s based on,”

Kidman, whose father died while under investigation for his suspected role in a massive pedophile ring, was featured in a recent “pizza themed” hit piece in Australia’s Woman’s Day magazine, which was parroted by the Daily Mail. Perhaps the reference to pizza, which made international news as suspected pedophile code-phrase contained within the Wikileaks dumps, was intended to punish Kidman for simply saying “let’s give Trump a chance?” Whatever the case, this is deplorable behavior from the world’s sorest losers.


So tolerant, so liberal.

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Tucker Carlson and Glenn Greenwald Discuss Deep State War Vs. Trump, While Ex-Spook Hints At Assassination

DeepState-e1398185022722Journalist Glenn Greenwald, who is not a fan of President-elect Trump, appeared on Tucker Carlson tonight to discuss the dangerous ongoing effort among powerful anti-Trump factions within the US Government’s “Deep State,” who have collaborated with members of the Democratic Party and the traditionally liberal media to inflict maximum damage on the incoming President. Recall Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer’s ominous “six ways from Sunday” comment from 10 days ago.

Greenwald, an accomplished litigator, journalist, and author, does a masterful job illustrating the players, motives, and potential fallout from this dangerous effort within the US Government’s intelligence apparatus. Greenwald goes deep, discussing how Trump’s election ruined the plan for regime change in Syria, specifically mentioning, among other things, that the deep state was waiting for Obama to leave office before executing their plan:

The number one foreign policy priority of the CIA over the last four to five years has been the proxy war they’re waging in Syria to remove Bashar Al Assad – and Hillary Clinton was quite critical of Obama for constraining them. She wanted to escalate that war to unleash the CIA, to impose a no-fly zone in Syria to confront Russia, whereas Trump took the exact opposite position. He said we have no business in Syria trying to change the government, we ought to let the Russia and Assad go free and killing ISIS and Al Quaeda and whoever else they want to kill.

He [Trump] was a threat to the CIA’s primary institutional priority of regime change in Syria. Beyond that, Clinton wanted a much more confrontational and belligerent posture towards Moscow, which the CIA has been acrimonious with for decades, whereas Trump wanted better relations. They viewed Trump as a threat to their institutional pre-eminence to their ability to get their agenda imposed on Washington.

What you’re seeing is actually quite dangerous. There really is at this point obvious open warefare between this un-elected, but very powerful faction that resides in Washington and sees Presidents come and go – on the one hand, and the person that the American democracy elected to be elected on the other. There’s clearly extreme conflict and subversion taking place. ‘

This really is a must-watch, and goes hand-in-hand with Tucker’s interview with Dr. Stephen Cohen this week:

Meanwhile ex-spook and security consultant John Schindler – who is very clearly part of the faction to remove Trump by any means, sent out an ominous tweet yesterday which mentioned “taking traitor Trump out now.”



This is overt, and Schindler also just more or less outed Washington Post’s David Ignatius as a CIA mouthpiece (along the same vein as Deep Throat, perhaps we can refer to Ignatius’s source as Golden Shower?).

This cavalier attitude towards assassinating Donald Trump has been supported by social media giant Facebook:


And nothing, to the best of my knowledge, has been done about the multitude of death threats Trump has received – including ones from individuals who have visited the White House and have CIA connections.



Meanwhile 8 years ago, a La Mesa, California man was charged, arrested, and thrown in a halfway house for 60 days for going on a drunken, racist, profanity laced online tirade against President-elect Obama ending in “he will have a 50 cal in the head soon.” – a conviction which was later reversed when the threats were found to be not credible.

Perhaps the secret service is merely spread too thin to investigate these threats, or perhaps President-elect Trump is wise to have his own private security.

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Kellyanne Conway Takes Anderson Cooper To Task Over CNN Role In 35 Page Hoax Document

Uma-ThurmanKellyanne Conway went on CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360 Wednesday night, hours after CNN reporter Aaron Acosta decided to engage in a shouting match with President-elect Donald Trump at a press conference. Acosta was furious after being passed over for another journalist’s question, and when the reporter wouldn’t let it go, Trump branded CNN as “Terrible” and “Fake News” before moving on to other questions – a move which spooked investors in CNN’s parent company, Time Warner ($TWX).

Conway took Anderson Cooper to task over CNN’s decision as the only network to front-run Buzzfeed’s release of the now infamous 35 page private intelligence report containing obscene and unverified claims about Donald Trump and his purported activities in Russia. In an update and follow-up article, CNN revealed that they did in fact release their hoax-dossier story before Buzzfeed, and had reviewed the entire 35 page document before deciding it was newsworthy. As internet sleuths began debunking many of the ridiculous claims in the hoax dossier, and rumors emerged that much of the report was fabricated by members of the 4chan message board and passed to a GOP source, both CNN and Buzzfeed (which coincidentally helped seed the term “fake news” in early 2016 along with the Washington Post) have been under intense fire for their actions.

Hours later on CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360, Kellyanne Conway unleashed hell on the network:

While Conway was wrong on one point regarding whether or not CNN’s initial report linked directly to Buzzfeed or only spotlighted the hoax report, Anderson Cooper spent most of the interview backpedaling for CNN, trying to dodge Kellyanne’s questions on why CNN chose to front-run the Buzzfeed article. Cooper becomes flustered at several points in the segment, and Kellyanne is in fine form.

Highlights (video below):

Discussing the sequence of events and accountability:

Conway: CNN went first and Buzzfeed went second, and that with the imprimatur of CNN going first and posting this, and making this a huge centerpiece of TV coverage, that then it allowed a news outlet to go ahead and publish “the rest of the story,” and it’s fake news and a political witch hunt.

Cooper: If CNN reports something and people on twitter and shady organizations, or Buzzfeed, or reputable organizations start then reporting other things, you cannot hold CNN responsible for what other people are doing. They’re responsible for what they do, we stand by our reporting 100%

Conway: I can hold CNN accountable for having a screaming headline that he [Trump] was briefed on something that he wasn’t.

Kellyanne starts laying into Anderson at several points:

Conway: What did the president elect say when he was asked [about the two-page summary of the 35-page report”

Cooper: I don’t even know, you tell me?

Conway: Well, then you didn’t pay attention to the press conference. You’re relying on CNN unverified sources.

The conversation then shifts to the relationship between the press and the Trump administration going forward, in which Kellyanne makes some hilarious points about how the press treated President-elect Obama 8 years ago vs. Trump today. Anderson tries to deflect, but Kellyanne isn’t having any of it.

See the full interview here


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After Internal Investigation, Trump Says He Caught U.S. Intelligence Sources Leaking Info

pointedIn Donald Trump’s first press conference since winning the election, the President-elect suggested that by process of elimination, elements within US intelligence – and not a mole amongst his team, had been identified as the source of leaks surrounding his CIA intelligence briefings – implying they may have also leaked the now infamous 35-page #FakeNews dossier on Russian influence.

If you recall, the Washington Post – which was privy to the CIA assessment on Russian hacking for their Trump hit piece on December 9th (10 days before the electoral college vote), also broke the story that the President-elect was skipping his intelligence briefings, according to “U.S. Officials”).

In an effort to try and find the source of the leaks, Trump conducted his own “sting” on intelligence officials by ruling out moles within his own staff – including his personal assistant Rhona Graff, by not telling anyone about an upcoming intelligence briefing. When reports of the meeting later emerged in the press, Trump concluded that the leaks couldn’t have come from anywhere other than the intelligence community:

The meeting was held. They left, and immediately the word got out that I had a meeting. So, I don’t want that. It’s very unfair to the country. It’s very unfair to our country what’s happening…

…I think it’s pretty sad when intelligence reports get leaked out to the press. These are classified meetings and reports.

Trump then finished his point by referring to the 35-page hoax dossier leaked to Buzzfeed:

That report should have never been printed, because it’s not worth the paper it’s written on. Let me tell you, that should never, ever happen.

Prior to this exchange towards the end of the press conference, Trump made clear the “vital” importance of US intelligence – highlighting his recent picks for key positions within intel agencies (Mike Pompeo as director of the CIA and Dan Coats as director of National Intelligence), leaving many to surmise that the President-elect is referring to a specific opposition element within the intelligence community – perhaps tied to the outgoing administration and it’s vast spider web of power.

For those who caught what Dr. Steve Pieczenik said in November (Deputy Assistant Secretary of State under Kissinger and several others, expert in foreign policy, international crisis management and psychological warfare, terrorism expert, and guy who helped negotiate US-Soviet Arms deals under Reagan – AKA high level operator and the inspiration for Jack Ryan), perhaps we are witnessing the last act in the Assange-assisted counter-coup in the form of a desperate and reaching 35 page Hail Mary, which included lascivious and obscene tales woven by what may turn out to be the biggest troll the world has ever known.

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Stephen Cohen on Tucker Carlson: Empty Accusations of Russian Meddling Have Become “Grave National Security Threat”

cohWith eyebrows suspiciously furrowed, Tucker Carlson sat down tonight with NYU Professor of Russian Studies and contributor to The Nation, Stephen Cohen, to discuss the 35 page #FakeNews dossier which has gripped the nation with nightmares of golden showers and other perverted conduct which was supposed to be used by Russia to keep Trump on a leash.

The left leaning Cohen, who holds a Ph.D. in government and Russian studies from Columbia, taught at Princeton for 30 years before moving to NYU. He has spent a lifetime deeply immersed in US-Russian relations, having been both a long standing friend of Mikhail Gorbachev and an advisor to President George H.W. Bush. His wife is also the editor of uber liberal “The Nation,” so it’s safe to assume he’s not shilling for Trump – and Tucker was right to go in with eyebrows guarded. Cohen is a heavyweight in this arena, to say the least.

Cohen, who has been quite vocal against the Russophobic witch hunt gripping the nation, believes that this falsified 35 page report is part of an “endgame” to mortally wound Trump before he even sets foot in the White House, by grasping at straws to paint him as a puppet of the Kremlin. The purpose of these overt attempts to cripple Trump, which have relied on ham-handed intelligence reports that, according to Cohen “even the New York Times referred to as lacking any evidence whatsoever,” is to stop any kind of détente or cooperation with Russia.

Cohen believes that these dangerous accusations attempting to brand a US President as a puppet of a foreign government constitute a “grave American national security threat.”

At the very end of the interview, Tucker’s very un-furrowed eyebrows agreed.

See below:

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Dead Giveaway The 35 Page Dossier Was A Hoax? The British Don’t Use “Confidential,” They use “Official”

britsThe identity of the British intelligence officer responsible for preparing and delivering the now infamous 35 page hoax has been revealed as Christopher Steele, courtesy of the Wall St. Journal. If you want to dig into his profile, click here.

As people piece together this rapidly unfolding quagmire – which will be in the history books, it’s important to address as many facets as possible in order to avoid perpetuating #FakeNews. As Oliver Stone said, more or less, the MSM is biased – and alternative news has the real deal, so let’s discuss.

A friend pointed this out earlier:


It has come out that the dossier and supporting documentation were fabricated by an anonymous 4Chan user, who sent the hoax to a RINO named Rick Wilson back in the Fall of last year.  Rick Wilson is (in)famous for his description of Trump supporters as “single white males who masturbate to anime”.  The 4Chan user wanted to embarrass Rick Wilson, who apparently tried to shop the fabrication to MSM without success (cuz they couldn’t “source” it, given that the entire documentation is a fake).

The alleged origination of a British agent as the source can be considered a “trap for the unwary,” which would easily demonstrate the documentation was an obvious forgery because the UK does not use the “Confidential” designation, although US intelligence agencies do.  In the US, classified information is designated as “Confidential”, “Secret” and “Top Secret” (along with a whole host of other designations for more highly sensitive information such as nuclear weapons designs).  The British use “Official”, “Secret” and “Top Secret”.   Anyone who checked on the story would instantly recognize this defect if they knew (or discovered) anything about British classification schemes, but if someone didn’t check they’d simply assume the British uses the same classification designations as the US.

[let’s take a look]

US Designations:


UK Designations


HOAX Dossier:


Apparently, Wilson also sent the falsified documentation to the CIA and they may, or may not have, bought it. The CIA subsequently “leaked” it to various news agencies, and both CNN and Buzz Feed bought the CIA leak. The CIA also admitted to briefing both Obama & Trump on the false documentation, but now claim they only cited it as an example of “disinformation” that’s floating around out there.  Seemingly, whomever at the CIA leaked this story and its documentation to CNN and Buzz Feed didn’t identify it as “disinformation”.  For extra brownie points McCain claims he received a classified briefing on the bed wetting episode in December and asked FBI’s head Comey to investigate!  It should be obvious McCain would not have done so had the CIA had told him the information was known to be fake.


Now, it’s possible that Steele – an ex-UK intelligence officer in private practice, simply used the US designation for the convenience of US intel (or to mask the origination) – BUT, we’re also talking about the same guy who bought the #GoldenShower story that several journalists and news outlets wouldn’t touch.

So, by the transitive properties of “the guy who bought the 4chan hoax,” I think we can assume Steele would have defaulted to a career-long habit of using the UK designation on this 35 page dossier he cobbled together.

On the other side of the pond, what are we left to assume? Let’s ignore the classification thing for a moment. For one, the CIA could have easily looked into Michael Cohen’s travel records (the Trump lawyer the dossier accuses of going to Prague to meet with Russians) and ruled that out – immediately discrediting the document. Second, Trump is apparently a bit of a germaphobe. I don’t blame him, people are filthy. Shouldn’t the CIA know something that obvious about such a well known figure?


We are left to conclude:

The CIA figured out this was a hoax and just let McCain, CNN, and Buzzfeed make McAss. That’s an interesting conversation, if so.

The CIA didn’t know – as in, nobody who handled this document knew or checked into why a doc from a Brit would have US classification markings, or the Prague visit, or Golden Showers. A frightening thought.

Steele didn’t prepare the report.

What say you?


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Trump Has Another “You’d Be In Jail” Moment – Receives Applause After Bitchslapping CNN’s Jim Acosta For Being FAKE NEWS

 acosta2“Not you. Your organisation’s terrible. I’m not going to give you a question. You are fake news.”

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls of all ages – step right up. Today’s feature is sure to ASTOUND, DELIGHT, and STUN you into questioning your reality. Is this real life?

During a press conference today, the President-elect delivered his second bitchslap heard around the world within 60 days.  His first was legendary.

Trump took to Twitter earlier today to address the steaming pile of horseshit #FakeNews “dossier” hoax which included completely fabricated accounts of degenerate and lascivious acts by the President-elect. If you want to see how it happened, read Fly’s post from earlier today.

At a press conference today, moments after calling Buzzfeed a “steaming pile of garbage,” Trump made an off the cuff remark – sending CNN’s Jim Acosta to wherever cucks go when they die. Witness greatness and note the applause. The tide is turning.

I think it’s safe to assume that from this point forward, the Russian conspiracy theory proffered by CIA and Dept. of Homeland Security – all of it; hacking, “directing the hacks,” influencing the election, no matter how legit anything else is – is dead. It’s gone. Thanks to Buzzfeed, CNN, and John “Golden Shower” McCain.



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