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Reuters Exclusive Propaganda: Trump About To Drop Hammer on Immigration From 7 Terrorist-Harboring Nations Full of Nice Refugees

According to unnamed sources, since that’s been working, Reuters brings us their “exclusive” scoop that Trump is on the cusp of fulfilling yet another campaign promise, and is expected to sign several executive orders restricting immigration from “Syria and six other Middle Eastern or African Countries.”

  • Syria
  • Iraq
  • Iran
  • Libya
  • Somalia
  • Sudan
  • Yemen

The orders would likely be enacted via a combination of restricting travel for current visa holders and halting new visa issuance. Of course, Reuters’ starts off with the most Trump-damaging angle, pointing out that this would “temporarily restrict access to the United States for most refugees (who are not men of fighting age, I’m sure Reuters promises).” The article also fails to mention that this list of countries are filled with angry people who want Americans dead, and who seek to infiltrate and convert the local population and convince them to commit [NSFW] heinous acts against people who believe in a different God (and then sue for $25k when someone knocks their teeth out in jail).  I recommend these countries fix their shit.

The words “Radical” “Islamic” “Terror” are nowhere to be found in the article. See if you can spot the trigger phrases…


Trump’s restrictions on refugees are likely to include a multi-month ban on admissions from all countries until the State Department and the Department of Homeland Security can increase the intensity of the vetting process.

The Republican president was expected to sign the orders at the Washington headquarters of the Department of Homeland Security, whose responsibilities include immigration and border security.

On the campaign trail, Trump initially proposed a temporary ban on Muslims entering the United States to protect Americans from jihadist attacks. Many Trump supporters decried Democratic President Barack Obama’s decision to increase the number of Syrian refugees admitted to the United States over fears that those fleeing the country’s civil war would carry out attacks.

Because of course all refugees “fleeing the country’s civil war” don’t commit crime. (source)

Reuters also paints the most Orwellian picture possible, suggesting (from the same unnamed sources):

Other measures may include directing all agencies to finish work on a biometric identification system for non-citizens entering and exiting the United States and a crackdown on immigrants fraudulently receiving government benefits, according to the congressional aides and immigration experts.

Whether or not some or all this story is true, this piece of journalism from Reuters is a prime example of the type of one-sided hackery that has driven millions of people into the arms of alternative media for their daily dose of truth.



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China Whips Out Giant Dong Missile, Slaps It Against Russia’s Southern Region To Taunt Trump

1485288989-snwo-fxzuswq3349213China has reportedly made a passive-aggressive homoerotic overture to President Trump, unsheathing their brand new DF-41 Dong Feng (“East Wind”)-41 missile, which the PRC claims can hit anywhere in the world except South America and parts of Antarctica. Fascinating.

Let me get this straight; in order to spook Trump into going soft on the import tariff and dissuade further “Currency Manipulator” rhetoric, China has decided to let the world know that they’re ready, willing, and able to go to thermonuclear war with their Dong to preserve their human-rights violating grip on global manufacturing? Except there won’t be any customers, and any survivors will be left sifting through the fallout.

The People’s Liberation Army has deployed its newest intercontinental ballistic missile to Heilongjiang Province. The article cited eyewitness photos culled from Chinese social media by news media in Taiwan and Hong Kong. The photos showed heavy missile launchers, also known as transporter/erector/launchers (TELs) moving through Daqing City in Heilongjiang.

The DF-41 is described by Global Times as the most advanced ICBM in the world. It reportedly has a range of 8,699 miles, enough to hit any target on Earth with the exception of South America and parts of Antarctica. It can carry up to 12 nuclear warheads, and travels on China’s nationwide network of roads to make it difficult to track down and destroy. Popular Mechanics


This comes on the heels of Russia unveiling their very masculine Satan2 ICBM last October, so perhaps this is nothing more than civilization-ending weapon envy?

I would love to hear what Mad Dog Mattis thinks about all of this…


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Charlie Gasparino And Scott Baio Attacked By Antifa A$$holes While Kellyanne Conway Thumps Some Fool

Charlie Gasparino, the Fox Business News senior correspondent who told the market to calm it’s tits before the election over a Trump presidency, made a really interesting post on Facebook yesterday about two tales of Inaugural altercations. One involved Gasparino and fellow Trump supporter Scott Baio being attacked by a couple of rioting snowflakes, and the other involving the President’s top counselor Kellyanne Conway!




Let me get this straight… Conway charged into a fight between two guys and started punching one of them? Just when I thought she couldn’t get any more formidable, Kellyanne reveals herself to be a straight up brawler. That man in the picture above, George Conway III, has been married to Kellyanne for 16 years and they have 4 kids together. George is also a really smart dude. After earning his law degree from Yale (where he was the editor of the Yale Law Journal), he joined prestigious Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz law firm and made partner 6 years later – kicking legal ass up to and including in front of the Supreme Court. My guess is he’s quite the force of nature. And, something tells me he’s smart enough to slip away into the garage and rearrange the Christmas storage when Kellyanne is pissed.


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Mattis Rolls Into Pentagon, Sips Coffee, Gets To Work Exterminating ISIS With 31 Air Strikes

15259495101547975802245497631347161956365120oBoy are those Saudi-sponsored goat fuckers over at ISIS about to have a bad time…

To kick off his first day on the job (a Saturday, mind you), Secretary of Defense James Mattis decided to crack his knuckles and flex the awesome power of the US Military by conducting 31 airstrikes against the Islamic State.

25 bombings in Syria took out enemy artillery, vehicles, tunnels, tanks, a bomb factory, and an ISIL headquarters. Across the way in sunny Iraq, 6 strikes eliminated ISIS weapons caches, vehicles, another bomb factory, and a mortar. –US Dept of Defense


Is about to be turned into pink paste by this man:


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Watch: Bigoted Turtleneck-Wearing Liberal Gets Tossed Off Alaska Airlines Flight For Harassing Trump Supporter! [Updated]

File this under Justice Porn…

A miserable seething bitch and her browbeaten husband are the stars of a new video making it’s way around the internet after the woman, a horrible human being, decided to berate a Trump supporter on an airplane. First, here’s what happened from the guy it happened to:



The first flight attendant to deal with his bigot isn’t having any of her shit:

Attendant #1: “Is there going to be a problem?”

Woman: “There will be, I would like for him to change seats with somebody who did not put us all in harm’s way”

Attendant #1: “Well, you don’t have that right!”

[mic drop, goes to get other flight attendant]

When the second flight attendant breaks the news of her impending ejection, this ivory tower liberal starts throwing her dead mother in law out to try and gain some sympathy:

Woman: “I’m going home now. My mother in law, his mother, died. And we had to be here. I’m going home now, there is no way I’m getting off this plane.”

Attendant #2: “I’m terribly sorry for that, but that does not give you the right to treat people the way you’ve been treating them.

[indignancy intensifies]

Husband: “What if we trade seats and she quiets down? How would that be?”

Attendant #2: “Unfortunately the captain has already made the call…”


Enjoy the show:

Update to potato quality video – Someone sent Milo a perfect view of the carnage. That husband really gave the overhead bin latch what for…


Note the applause…


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Man Shot Outside University of Washington MILO Event, Gunman Spoke On Camera Minutes Before Incident (VIDEO – updated w/shot)

A day of protests across the University of Washington campus turned violent Friday evening after a 32 year old man was shot in the abdomen outside of a Milo Yiannopoulos event. The victim, currently in surgery, was rushed to the hospital in critical condition, and the suspect turned himself in, telling police he fired in self-defense. This comes on the heels of a progressively violent day on campus as Anti-Trump Protesters clashed with police and Trump supporters; throwing rocks, bricks, firecrackers, and paint. Police helicopters and the FBI bomb squad had been deployed earlier in the evening, and pepper spray was used to control the crowd.

UPDATE (1/21/2017) – the shooting:

Update 2: Pictures Of Shooting / Shooter / Scene

  • Shooter Victim reportedly had a large knife and brass knuckles on his person

1485023627211 scuffle shooter






Update 3: Account of the shooting from a 4chan user who was 8 feet away

4chan account


In a Periscope stream recorded minutes before the incident, the shooter can be heard saying:

“I don’t give a fuck man, I’m just here by myself. I’m not with anybody. I am speaking my mind, alright?”


Minutes later, a single shot rings out, which the shooter claims was in self-defense:

Earlier in the evening, a high school student on the UW campus was beaten up and had paint thrown on him:

And a protester became aggressive with a man filming their group:

Milo’s cameraman assaulted:

Weapons have been confiscated:

According to reports from Seattle PD, anarchist protesters outside MILO’s event at Washington University tonight had baseball bats and sharpened signposts confiscated by law enforcement. Police in riot gear have formed a human wall between event attendees and protesters. –Breitbart

The Seattle cell of the “Anti Fascist” group showed up in full force waving the same flag that can be seen in Thursday night’s beating outside of the “Deploraball in Washington, DC.” This has moved beyond protesting, evolving into riots and domestic terrorism.

Here is a video recap of the incident from Seattle’s KIRO 7:

The shooting comes a week after threatening flyersflyers appeared around campus in advance of the MILO event, which listed the a photo and contact info of College Republican group president Jessica Gamble, encouraging people to harass Gamble and her father.


This is some serious shit…

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CNN Caught Lying Twice In One Day! Nancy Sinatra and Reddit Put The Brakes On #FakeNews [updated]

CNN just can’t stop lying! The purveyors of #FakeNews have once again been caught, twice, peddling propaganda on Inauguration day.

First, Nancy Sinatra called them out for a bullshit tweet suggesting she wasn’t happy with Trump’s use of a Frank Sinatra song during the Inauguration:



Second, CNN published a bullshit article suggesting a low turnout compared to Obama, except the picture they used for Trump’s Inauguration appears to be from much earlier in the day:

Update: After viewing this PBS time-lapse, it’s obvious the crowd was smaller. However, it was threatening to rain, it was held on a Friday (when most conservatives are working), and that doesn’t excuse CNN for shitting on the Inauguration.


And the full frame of what CNN claims is Trump’s turnout:


Sorry assholes:


Update: Video of crowds which couldn’t get in

Hey $TWX, can you get your bitch on a leash?


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“Deploraball” Protests Turn Bloody As Trump Supporter Assaulted With Flagpole



hitReports have been rolling in all evening of vicious mobs of violent protesters around Washington DC attacking Donald Trump supporters in town for the inauguration, including people on their way to and from tonight’s pre-Inauguration “Deploraball” celebration, held at the National Press Club building. Over 1000 guests were invited to the event, organized by Mike @Cernovich and the pro-Trump MAGA3X organization.

As Fox News reports:

Some of the hundreds of protesters sprayed Mace, while others were peaceful as law enforcement officers lined the streets to monitor the chaotic scene. At least one passer-by reported bottles were being thrown as he showed off a gash in his head.

One of the victims was 21 year old Trump supporter and Youtube Journalist James Allsup of Seattle, who was harassed and then punched on camera by members of the “Antifa” protest organization featured in the recent Project Veritas undercover sting.

After the cameras were off, Allsup was hit on the back of the head with a flagpole requiring a trip to the ER for some staples.

“I was wearing my ‘Make America Great Again’ hat, and a white male came up behind me and swung at me with a flagpole – I kind of blacked out for a minute,” Allsup told Foxnews.com. “Before I knew it my head was gushing blood—there’s blood on my Trump hat.”

Here is footage of the first encounter:

Followed by Allsup’s account over Twitter of what took place:

And to prove this wasn’t staged, here’s the ER report:

It’s easy to be tough guys when you’re hiding behind balaclavas and greatly outnumber two Trump supporters. It might not go so well next time depending on who these amateur anarchists fuck with next…


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Tucker Carlson Cucks Huffington Post Contributor Alex Mohajer So Mercilessly He’s Forced To Disavow Journalism

Bloodless gladiator Tucker Carlson delivered a cucking of such epic proportions that the guest had to append his recent anti-Trump HuffPo article with a disclaimer!

ec6002caea1f946484d396589ed792caAlex Mohajer is a self described “Political writer and commentator for Huffington Post” and founder of “Bros4America,” a 36,000 member former Hillary Clinton PAC which “lobbies and supports progressive policies and candidates…  through social media outreach, volunteerism, fundraising, and by creating original video and digital content.”

Mohajer recently wrote an article in the Huffington Post which went viral entitled “The Legitimate President” with the sub-headline (which he’s altered since publication):

The evidence is clear. Hillary Clinton is the rightful president-elect, and courts must use the broad discretionary powers with which they are vested to enjoin an illegitimate president from taking office

It’s your typical “muh popular vote” tantrum with an added twist of desperate “evidence” attempting to illustrate why Trump is illegitimate. When Tucker calls Mohajer out for citing a garbage source, shit gets real. As Mohajer continues to stammer out bits and pieces of Democrat talking points, Carlson exclaims “You don’t have a point… your point is stupid!”

It looks like the editors at the Huffington Post agreed – as the Clinton PAC founder (professional shill) added this little update to his hit-piece:


Video here:

Stupid, you say?

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Pizzagate Is Back: CBS Reality Check with Ben Swann Airs Honest Segment On Comet Ping Pong

With the Inauguration just days away, “PizzaGate” has been thrust back into the spotlight for the first time since the election thanks to reporter Ben Swann of CBS46 in Atlanta – only this time, it’s not a puff piece labeling it a conspiracy theory, or another New York Times article going out of it’s way to defend Comet Ping Pong. Swann lays out the players, including Comet Ping Pong owner James Alefantis (who was in a relationship with CTR-mastermind David Brock), as well as pedophile terminology, logos, and even some of the pedo-friendly musical acts featured at the restaurant. Swann even mentions John Podesta’s close relationship with convicted pedophile Dennis Hastert, as well as the creepy Podesta art.

Take a look :

Within hours of it’s airing, Wikileaks tweeted a link to the broadcast, along with the FBI’s 2007 “pedphile symbols” guide.

Update: While the CBS segment doesn’t show any Pizzagate evidence due to the sensitive nature, you can take a look at the massive ongoing repository of #Pizzagate material as compiled by a Voat.co user, click here – obviously NSFW (4.4gb zip file from megaupload, has been downloaded and checked for viruses per this post)

Is this the opening salvo in the next phase of #PizzaGate from emboldened journalists who no longer fear John Podesta’s wrath? The answer is anyone’s guess, however, even if Ben Swann isn’t taken out with a Polonium pellet – he will forever be encumbered by his gigantic balls.

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