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Ted Cruz Issues Scorching Takedown After DNC’s Rectal Prolapse Over Firing Of (Acting) Attorney General Sally Yates

As Fly reported earlier, Obama activist (acting) Attorney General Sally Yates drew a defiant line in the sand today, refusing to comply with Trump’s executive order on immigration.

“as long as I am the Acting Attorney General, the Department of Justice will not present arguments in defense of the Executive Order, unless and until I become convinced that it is appropriate to do so.”

Shortly thereafter, Trump responded:

A couple of hours later,


Yates was fired for “Betraying the Department of Justice”

The acting Attorney General, Sally Yates, has betrayed the Department of Justice by refusing to enforce a legal order designed to protect the citizens of the United States. This order was approved as to form and legality by the Department of Justice Office of Legal Counsel.

Ms. Yates is an Obama Administration appointee who is weak on borders and very weak on illegal immigration.

In response, the entirety of the DNC suffered full rectal prolapse – issuing the following statement:

Donald Trump can try to silence heroic patriots like Sally Yates who dare to speak truth to power about his illegal anti-Muslim ban that emboldens terrorists around the globe. But he cannot silence the growing voices of an American people now wide awake to his tyrannical presidency

Boo fucking hoo. Obama fired James Mattis and Michael Flynn at the drop of a hat; Mattis without so much as a phone call. Newsmax reported that Gen. Flynn was fired because of his stand on Radical Islam:

“I knew then it had more to do with the stand I took on radical Islamism and the expansion of al Qaida and its associated movements. I felt the intel system was way too politicized, especially in the Defense Department.”

Back on point – Ted Cruz comes through and has Donald’s back on the Yates firing:



Update: Big Trey Gowdy chimed in too:

Rep. Trey Gowdy (SC-04) issued a statement following President Trump’s executive orders on extreme vetting:

“Our nation has a long and rich history of welcoming those fleeing persecution. We also have a long and rich history of liberating those suffering under oppression. We are the most welcoming and generous country in the world, and we are a country of immigrants.

The world we find ourselves in is dangerous and becoming increasingly so. Since national security and public safety are the preeminent functions of government, there is a fundamental duty to ensure the necessary background investigations can be done to stop anyone intent on doing harm from exploiting Americans’ generosity and taking more innocent lives.

American people deserve border and interior security. They deserve to know who is coming to our country, for what purpose, and for how long. They deserve to be assured those seeking entry into the country – regardless of the length of stay – have been vetted thoroughly and do not represent a security risk.

I am committed to doing everything we can to keep Americans safe just as I am committed to defending religious liberty and providing refuge to those fleeing persecution.”


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    Thought it was settled fact that nobody gives a shit what comes out of this lizard’s mouth.

    What a stupid move it was to fire her.. just impulsive Trump. Could have just waited until today when the ultimate white boy is approved by Senate. Guess Larry and Curly.. Bannon and Miller..ordered him to do it.

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