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Ted Cruz Introduces “Muslim Brotherhood Terrorist Designation Act”

cruzinterminatortedLook at that – a week after Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) introduced a constitutional amendment on congressional term limits, he’s co-sponsoring a bill to designate the Muslim Brotherhood and Iranian Revolutionary Guard corps as terrorist groups.

You know, the same Muslim Brotherhood Huma Abedin is allegedly tied to.

Read below:

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  1. ironbird

    On the grandest of evenings. Making pork and shrimp for the Manchurian going away fuck all yall speech.

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  2. t.c.

    I love the Ted in a marshall’s hat memes. The West is at war with Islam and we have been for 1300 years, more or less. Pray for Europe, they may not win this round. If they do win, it will be Eastern Europe and Russia leading the fight. Good job Senator Cruz.

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  3. LP

    Guy is delusional if he thinks the young generation isn’t selfish.

    Crowd gets loud on certain items I find humorous and not at all surprising.
    -“Michelle…” Give me a break. Bye bye to you and your free clothes. Bye bye to you both. Too long a trend of broken promises; let’s see what happens. Yes we can.
    -Joe Biden! Should have said sorry we didn’t nominate you.
    -He brings up the Italians, the Irish, the Pols – past performance is not indicative of future performance.

    Best thing I heard was “…to those that serve and have served, it has been my honor to be your Commander in Chief.”

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