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Trump Hits Back: Uses Twitter To Smite DNC Conspirators Playing “Russia/CIA Card”


Donald Trump countered the buzz surrounding the baseless WaPo / CIA accusations of Russian election tampering, pointing out what the narrative would be if the shoe were on the other foot:

Trump’s support network, ungrateful establishment shills aside, has been quite vocal in countering the unfounded claims from the agency known for it’s upstanding moral behavior. Even based gay independent (i.e. not a shill) Glenn Greenwald had to call the CIA out on their bullshit. Add RNC communications director Sean Spicer devastating CNN cuck Michael Smerconish with truth – that the RNC has worked with our intelligence community and found conclusive proof that there was no hack – information which the RNC offered to show the NY Times to “Correct The Record” – which the NYT REFUSED TO LOOK AT!

Reactions over twitter have been quite entertaining as well:

As Raul reported earlier today:


At minimum this is all entertaining.

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Shanghai Falls 2.49% After Trump Talks Tough On “One-China” Policy, Largest Decline Since June

The Shanghai stock exchange closed down sharply on Monday, after a crackdown on their stock-market manipulating insurance industry last Friday, followed by comments Sunday night from US President-elect Donald Trump regarding trade.

As reported earlier, Fox’s Chris Wallace asked the President-elect how he feels about China, following Trump’s acceptance of a congratulatory phone call from the president of Taiwan. While Trump said he recognized the “One-China” policy, he questioned why we’re honoring it when China treats us so poorly. Trump then railed against China’s currency manipulation, tariffs they impose on US exports, and building a giant fortress in the middle of the ocean.

The message is clear; Trump is willing to play chicken. Would China risk war (economic or otherwise) with their largest customer? I suspect their economy would immediately collapse and their recent inclusion into the IMF’s SDR (special drawing rights), basket would be revoked – cutting off the newly established flow of steady demand for the Yuan.


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Trump To Chris Wallace: CIA To Undergo Changes – “We Have Our People, They Have Their People”

Tonight on Fox News Sunday, President-elect Trump addressed several controversial topics, answering some fairly hardball questions from Fox’s Mike Wallace. In response to questions on WaPo’s report on Russian hacking, and who he thinks is spreading these rumors, Trump said that this entire narrative is coming from the left, who are sore losers after suffering “one of the greatest defeats in the history of politics,” and that the spy agencies are confused right now. “Take a look, they’re not sure, they’re fighting among themselves!” Trump points out that they have no clue who did the hacking, and it could have been anyone. Wallace then asks how Trump can possibly trust the information from these people he has to rely on for information – to which Trump replied:


“I’ll make changes at the top. I mean we’re gonna have different people coming in because we have our people, they have their people”

(see below)


The rest of the interview covered several other hot-button topics. In summary:

Swamp Draining:

Trump says he wants to make good deals for this country, suggesting we don’t need bloated programs like a $4.2 Billion dollar Air Force One. We need to look at the bad deals made, such as the hundreds of billions of dollars wasted on the F35 program.

Trump also said that the people [government officials] making these deals should have a lifetime ban from working for these companies.


Trump says the 10-15 year wait for permits is a huge problem. Companies don’t want to apply for a permit (mining, for example), and wait 10-15 years only to be denied. This type of red tape drives businesses out of the country. Because of this, China and other countries “are eating our lunch.” THAT SAID, Trump said his EPA wouldn’t do bad deals [for the environment].

Dakota Access Pipeline:

No comment, as it may be resolved before he gets into office. If it isn’t, Trump said he would solve it “very quickly.”

Obama’s legacy:

Not going to “take a wrecking ball” to it. There are things they agree on, and things they never will.

Appointing generals:

When asked about criticism over taking council from Generals; Trump said that Generals had “passed the test of life, that’s how they got to be generals” and others didn’t. Trump also mentioned that Obama had the same exact numbers of Generals at his disposal.

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson:

Though initially coy about the question of the next Secretary of State, Trump did defend Tillerson – saying he’s much more than just a CEO. He’s the CEO of the world’s largest company, he knows many of the players around the world (world leaders of oil producing nations), and Tillerson is a “world class player.”

Call with Taiwan:

“Suck my nuts” could be the best way to describe Trump’s answer. While Trump said he recognized the “One-China” policy, he questioned why we’re honoring it when China treats us so poorly. The President-elect railed against China’s currency manipulation, tariffs they impose on US exports, and building a giant fortress in the middle of the ocean. Furthermore, Trump doesn’t want China dictating to him – and it would have been disrespectful for him not to have taken the call.

Carrier deal and factories:

Trump made it clear that his administration is going to offer tax breaks to companies looking to send jobs and factories overseas. Those who ignore this offer and send jobs overseas to make shit that they sell right back to US consumers, are going to face a 35% tariff on goods re-entering the USA. Trump mentioned that the Wall St. Journal has no clue WTF they’re talking about on this subject.

Keeping his stake in Celebrity Apprentice:

Trump said he would maintain his stake in the enterprise, but would not be involved whatsoever while his children run his business empire. Trump said he’s turned down “7 deals” from a major player in the last week, and that the money he spent on the election is peanuts compared to the money he’s giving up as the President. Trump said he was happy to leave his business behind, as this is a calling, a higher purpose. Trump told Wallace “I’m not going to do [personal] deals.”

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OPEC And Non-OPEC Producers Agree To Cuts: Oil Ripping +5%, Futures Surging

f0519cb9597829c77a6d559372dde06cLooks like the sleepover in Vienna went well. Nobody hogged the Xbox, the hot chocolate was flowing, and an agreement was struck between OPEC and non-OPEC members to cut production – you know, to avoid suicide. Looks like they’re also doing a little PR for the Saudis, perhaps to make everyone forget how they gave Hillary a bunch of money for that pipeline.

The Wall St. Journal reports:

VIENNA—Oil-producing nations struck a deal Saturday to cut output along with the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries, a pact designed to reduce a global oversupply of crude, lift prices and lend support to economies hurt by a two-year market slump.

The agreement would remove 558,000 barrels a day of crude oil from the market. That would come on top of 1.2 million barrels a day in cuts already agreed to by OPEC, amounting to a total of almost 2% of global oil supply.

The non-OPEC cuts, if carried out as described over the first half of 2017, would represent an unprecedented level of cooperation among oil-producing countries that have been groping for ways to lift oil prices out of a two-year funk. –WSJ

Regardless of this arrangement’s actual impact on the glut of oil sloshing around, the message is clear that oil producing nations – OPEC and non-OPEC, are committed to putting a confidence-inspiring floor underneath the price of crude. Oil is currently up over 5%, and futures are ripping. Assuming nobody fucks up and these cuts are adhered to, and nothing else sabotages greatness, enjoy the continuation of this Trump rally until further notice, and witness the reflation of those sagging oil & gas stocks you’ve been holding onto for all this time.





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#PIZZAGATE Cover-Up: NY Times Goes To Great Lengths To Defend Comet Ping Pong Pedo Suspects, For The Second Time!

zap2aThe New York Times is out today with an op-ed by Alexandra Zapruder (granddaughter of that Zapruder), who took it upon herself to vehemently argue that #Pizzagate is nothing more than a dangerous alt-right conspiracy theory promoted by “online terrorists.” This is the NYT’s second article defending Comet Ping Pong in three weeks. It’s also full of inaccuracies and completely fails to address the subject matter. Let’s quickly dissect:



Right off the bat is the attempt to link “right-wing fake news” and “conspiracy websites” to the completely incorrect statement about Hillary Clinton’s role as “mastermind” of a child sex-slavery ring. Nobody has ever said this, and in fact Zapruder’s rhetoric is a psychological trick called “reductio ad absurdum” (reducing to absurdity) to convince the reader that the story is so insane it couldn’t possibly be true. You may have noticed other MSM outlets pushing the “Hillary Mastermind” theme in their reporting. Next:



Yes folks, if you question any of this you’re aligning with TERRORISTS!


Sure, association and innuendo and cherry-picked details. In case you didn’t catch that, the owner of Comet Ping Pong – James Alefantis (whose Instagram icon is Antinous, 13yr old lover of Emperor Hadrian, symbol of pederasty) has been to the White House and Tony Podesta’s house. A George Soros SuperPac even used Comet Ping Pong, of all the Pizza restaurants in DC, for $11,600 of catering. Clearly this isn’t just a case of a random pizza restaurant owner who somehow stumbled upon Washington Elite – as evidenced by Alefantis standing 20 feet away from President Obama as he took this picture (oh, and visitor logs). Alefantis is also tied to #spiritcook and Podesta Pal Marina Abramovic. Oh, and Alefantis – a pizza shop owner – was one of GQ’s 50 most powerful people in Washington. WTF? Maybe it’s because Alefantis was White House insider and Media Matters / Correct The Record founder David Brock’s LOVER.

Let me repeat: White House insider David Brock and Comet Ping Pong owner James Alefantis were lovers.

Moving on: ppp4

The rest of the article is more of the same. You get the picture, and can read the whole thing here if so inclined.

Two thoughts immediately come to mind; first – Zapruder’s article goes over exactly zero of the evidence in question – of which there is plenty. The entire argument is an emotional tirade designed to shame any who dare question the strange and worrisome evidence. Second, why is the NY Times (among others) focusing so much energy on defending Comet Ping Pong?

img_5745abWe DO know that NY Times CEO Mark Thompson covered up the UK’s Jimmy Savile case for The Guardian before joining the NY Times. In case you’re not up to speed on Savile, he was a high profile UK children’s television host and massive pedophile who was good friends with Prince Charles and disgraced pedophile bishop Peter Ball. Savile threw countless parties for high ranking members of the UK establishment steeped in rumors of pedophilia. Most of this was uncovered after Savile’s 2011 death, after years of Mark Thompson’s diligent work to protect this pedophile.

To review, we have a very suspicious body of evidence surrounding Comet Ping Pong, owned by David Brock’s former lover James Alefantis – whose Instagram icon is a famous pedophile. There is a mountain of evidence suggesting Alefantis is a pedophile himself, which include pictures, associations, and comments Alefantis has made online. This is all in the public record now. Instead of addressing the evidence and disproving it, the NY Times – headed by the guy who covered up the Jimmy Savile UK pedophile ring – has chosen to publish TWO articles in three weeks defending Comet Ping Pong – casting any suspicion as right-wing FAKE NEWS and conspiracy theory.

If there’s one way the MSM could possibly, single handedly, without doubt – add fuel to the fire that is #pizzagate – emotional opinion pieces like Zapruder’s are the blueprint. Attempts to frame curious people as terrorist sympathizers, instead of addressing the subject matter, are completely transparent and will blow up in their faces. This isn’t the JFK investigation. This is a massive crowdsourced effort to get to the bottom of what appears to be a high level Pedo ring operating in Washington DC, and it’s not going away anytime soon.

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The Same CIA Who Told Us Saddam Hussein Had Weapons of Mass Destruction Now Tell US Russia Hacked the Election


The propaganda machine has been turned up to 11 to sully the reputation, or worse, of Donald J. Trump. Jill Stin’s asinine recounts and the threat of faithless electors are one thing. This is different. The once reputable Washington Post has decided to cash in on their journalistic street cred to peddle bullshit for the CIA – the same CIA who lied to us about WMD’s. This time, the fiction is that “anonymous sources” have claimed that the Russians provided Wikileaks with hacked emails. Furthermore, independent Presidential candidate and former CIA employee Evan McMullin from Utah has been pushing this Russia narrative HARD. To top it off, the establishment is freaking out over FAKE NEWS and RUSSIA with the fast-tracking of the Countering Disinformation and Propaganda Act – all based on this unfounded narrative over Russia influencing our election.

The left has been hanging their hat on FAKE NEWS the Russian hacker thing as the reason Hillary lost – when in fact if anything it was the content of the emails which blew everyone’s mind and redpilled any and all who cared to examine the evidence. Furthermore, the source of this Russian hack narrative – which has now been parroted by virtually the entire MSM, is as flimsy as a cheap plastic bag.

Per Glenn Greenwald at The Intercept:

These unnamed sources told the Post that “the CIA has concluded in a secret assessment that Russia intervened in the 2016 election to help Donald Trump win the presidency, rather than just to undermine confidence in the U.S. electoral system.” The anonymous officials also claim that “intelligence agencies have identified individuals with connections to the Russian government who provided WikiLeaks with thousands of hacked emails” from both the DNC and John Podesta’s email account. Critically, none of the actual evidence for these claims is disclosed; indeed, the CIA’s “secret assessment” itself remains concealed. (source)

Reactions around the internet have been quick to call out the CIA, WaPo, and McMullin on this bullshit. The propaganda wing of the establishment wasn’t trained to deal with crowdsourced investigative work and the light-speed flow of information (which is why they are trying to censor it). Enjoy your remaining free speech while it lasts!

Part of the BS narrative, by the way, is that the RNC was hacked – but the Russians wanted Trump to win so they only released the Hillary bombshells. Right.

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#DumpStarWars Trending After Writers Compare Trump To Hitler, Allegedly Shoot Anti-Trump Scenes, And Create #TrumpIsVader

Star Wars: Rogue One writers Chris Weitz and Gary Whitta need to grow the fuck up – and at minimum, should not be allowed near twitter. The two motley fools decided to go rogue and let Trump supporters know what pieces of shit they are, unleashing a barrage of anti-Trump tweets right after the election – which were promptly deleted. If Disney’s goal was to makes less money by having their writers pop off against Trump, mission accomplished. For a film that’s going to determine the direction of the franchise, perhaps comparing Trump to Hitler, or Trump’s administration to the Empire (a white supremacist (human) organization), was ill conceived. Apologies were given, but it appears to be too little too late.

cmhhdbyw8ae5jlpReports have also surfaced (which have been denied) that the producers re-shot parts of the movie after the election in order to insert anti-Trump rhetoric. The same rumor mill has it that Disney is behind the #TrumpIsVader hashtag.

In response, Trump supporters have created the hashtag #DumpStarWars, and have initiated a boycott of Rogue One:

Love it. Voting with your wallet is the best way to send a message – as opposed to acting like fucking degenerates.

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Hillary Says “Lives Are At Risk” Over Fake News – Internet Not Having Any Of Her Shit

Supreme loser Hillary Clinton was helped down from her spiderweb today, wearing her most victimy purple, to let all of us know that lives are at risk because of the “dangerous epidemic” of FAKE NEWS

…fake news, like you know, using media surrogates to sell the general public on the lie that an anti-Muslim Youtube video caused Benghazi, for which the filmmaker went to prison – when Hillary knew from the beginning exactly why Benghazi happened. Friggin’ liar.

Well, today the internet wasn’t buying any of Hillary’s shit:



The strategy here is to treat you like you’re a total moron, too stupid to process information and decipher tabloid material from well sourced journalism. It’s common knowledge, provably so thanks to Wikileaks, that the mainstream media and our government have worked together for many years to shape public opinion virtually unchallenged. Lies are invented, countless innocents are murdered (picture from 2012), and the public implicitly trusts their infallible newscasters in Pavlovian compliance. Not so much anymore… with this new “Fake News” bullshit, people are noticing how contrived the whole thing is, and the tools used, to censor dissenting opinions.

Soon after Hillary’s low energy dire warning about the lives at stake, pundits were chiming in:




Perhaps it was in fact the left’s unique brand of actual Fake News that cost Hillary the election?


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Jill Stein’s Michigan Recount Dead, However Possible ELECTION FRAUD Uncovered In Detroit Before Judge Halted

So the Michigan recount was stopped yesterday by the same judge who authorized it – just one day after some really interesting reports began to surface about massive errors and discrepancies in the counts.

Wait a minute… Was Jill Stein’s recount all about exposing democrats cheating? Could this whole charade have been about multiple whistleblower reports of shady ballot handling which made it to Trump, who shared it with Stein, who then trolled everyone with multiple state recounts?

Of course not, that would be madness.

And it would mean Jill took some 4D spacetime chess lessons from Trump – who Stein totally pulled for all election:

laaaadyTwo days ago, the Detroit News reported that over one third of Wayne County precincts, which includes Detroit (610 out of 1,680) are “ineligible for recount” because the number of paper ballots issued did not match the machine-counted ballot readers (votes are cast on paper, then fed into scanner), blaming old machinery and poll workers who accidentally forget to count each ballot once. Whoops.

Also observed during the Detroit recount by monitors Ken and Penny Crider, was a sealed ballot box labeled as containing 306 Ballots, yet which only contained 50 ballots upon cracking it open. Unfortunately where such discrepancies occur, the original count stands. The Criders also observed an election official at another precinct whose ballot count matched the boxes breathing a sigh of relief that they “have a countable precinct.”


Coincidentally, right as these reports began to surface the Michigan recount was halted – so it looks like this whole issue of what looks like fraud has been nipped in the bud, unless of course Hillary stands up and restarts the recount – and assuming her handlers are there to stand her up.


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Trump Voting Chrysler Employee Shuts Michael Moore Down Over Jobs

Yesterday on CNN’s “Messy Truth with Van Jones,” human garbage disposal Michael Moore was shut down by a Michigan Chrysler employee on why he voted for Donald Trump. The unidentified man looks Moore in his fat face and says “He raised the issue… He’s done more for me than any Democrat’s done in my lifetime.”

Moore, of all people, should understand the plight of the US Autoworker since he’s the guy who POINTED IT OUT TO EVERYBODY.

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