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Market Wrap: Mostly Boring, Semis Rocking, Gold And Bitcoins Up After Germany Stockpiles And India Confiscation Continues

Markets closed flat to up in light and mostly boring pre-New Year’s trading. Nasdaq was up .45%, pushed higher by tech stocks.


Semiconductors continued their run into the end of the year, with the PHLX up 1.22%:


Crude closed at $53.84, up 1.55%. Too bored to even post a chart. Imagine one.

highergGold and related stocks did well today, continuing it’s recovery from an 8 month low on 12/7. Perhaps accelerated German repatriation and Indian confiscation are coinciding with reversion to the mean?



btcSpeaking of India, Bitcoins are also surging, up 2.7% to $927.20.  Google searches in India for “Buy Bitcoin” have spiked in the last year in advance of demonitization, so not surprising.


Things are quiet… too quiet. Are we all just playing a dangerous game of Dougie?

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  1. frog

    Maybe we are like Dougie. But for the monent, we are in a nice end of the year up move.

    That video is incredible. I wonder how badly the guy was hurt. Best to look where you are going when crossing the street.

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  2. chuck bennett

    Frog ,

    You have never seen this one?

    Bubble boy , I’m gonna tell the other guys and girls to go easy on you.


    Chuck Bennett

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  3. ironbird

    That commie globalist fag Harwood has spoken. Will be a story of some worthlessness.

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