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Hillary Having EPIC Twitter Meltdown

What the fuck is going on over at CTR central? (risky click) It’s like that scene in any movie with a psych patient where they are ranting their crazy conspiracies while being wheeled away in a straightjacket.

h/t @microspookyleaks



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  1. Peso Trader

    Has she gotten into why she allowed an American Uranium company be bought by Russia while she was secretary of state?


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  2. ironbird

    Bring on the fucking stroke already.

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  3. lol

    The gameplan in the event of a loss: Blame Russia… allegedly.
    Hillary must fear a loss and is desperately promoting the potential contingency.

    via Martin Armstrong
    ” They are conniving every possible scheme to ensure he does not win, and if he does, they will blame it on Russia and deny him the position.”
    There are others
    “So it seems the Obama Administration is to be trying to create a direct confrontation with Russia and then should Trump win, Obama will declare the election was hacked by Russia and declare a state of Martial Law to deny even Hillary office. He would then step aside and hand it to Biden to run until, of course, everything is back to “normal” and another election can be held.

    This is talk behind the curtain.”

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