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Land grab in California

Who want to own some dirt cheap lands in the sunshine State calls California?

If you didn’t have the mojo to buy them cheap during the 2008-2011 periods, here is a chance to pick some up thru $UCP.

$UCP was recently IPOed a week or so ago and the market cap is only $110 millions at current price of $14.20.  This is what I believe to be below the book value of the lands they own.

Let’s just say that if the book value is based on purchase price of the land in 2008-2011, what do you think these lands is worth right now?

Edit: I’ve forgotten to mention that $UCP received $116.25 million in cash (7.75million x $15) before subtracting IPO cost. Therefore, basically, current market cap for $UCP is eerily closed to their cash value right now WITHOUT their land values being factored in.  Can you spell U N D E R V A L U E?

Since $UCP has only been trading for less than ten days, I can’t present a technical chart to show trend; therefore, I’ve bought this one based on what I believe to be the most undervalued land grab in California.

Below is the daily chart for $UCP:


Btw, $UCP has an outstanding share of 7.75 million shares; how much of that do you think goes to the float?  This is the stock to buy when no one is aware of it yet…

My 2 cents.


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