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Charging ahead for $ECTY

Do you know there are five different models (economical, no Teslar here) of EV from five different manufacturers? Take a look at this link.

There are:

  • FIAT 500e

Besides the above models, there are going to be more models coming soon.  Did you know that BMW will have its $40K i3 model coming to the US next year?

So, with more and more economical EVs coming into the streets, what do you think will happen to the infrastructure for EV?

I know! I know!  More charging stations!

Right you are!

Folks, you cannot avoid this trend.  EVs are coming!

Do you know that Trader Joe’s has the BLINK charging station from $ECTY in their parking lots?

Now, let’s take a look at the daily chart of $ECTY below:


Did you see the bounce?

Below is the weekly chart:


Did you see the support where the bounce is taking place?

Needless to day, I added more today for the inevitable bounce.

My  2 cents.

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Will charging station displace gas station anytime soon?

Ok, $TSLA woke the world up by selling more EV than others even with a premium price.  On top of that Tesla is also planning on rolling out charging stations for the convenient of Tesla owners.  This is a grand plan for the future.

Whoa!  Not so fast, Tesla!  Not to be left alone, there are companies out there that are in the business of building up the infrastructure of charging station- $ECTY and $CCGI.

Now some of you may think the EV is ahead of our time and we are not ready for it.  Some even go as far as postulating that Tesla will fail at the end due to the high cost of batteries that need to run the car.  For me, I am not looking at Tesla to represent the EV market in the future.  I’m looking at the future of EV in general.  Recently, a friend of mine told me he bought a Nissan Leaf because he was offered a chance to lease the EV as a discount for participating in a government sponsored research program to study EV and its interfacing with the assigned charging stations.  In order to get the discount, he is required to charge his Nissan Leaf at various approved charging stations for a minimum of 15 days in a month.

To me, this sound like a future that we cannot avoid.  It reminds me of the time when we migrated from analog TV to digital TV.  While the conversion of gasoline car to electric vehicle may not be as complete as analog TV to digital TV, I can see a general trend of seeing more EV in the near horizon.  If this is my belief and vision; then I’ve to buy company that is instrumental in building the charging station infrastructure now when price is still low.

I chose $ECTY over $CCGI simply because $ECTY is more capitalized and listed in Nasdaq as opposed to OTC-bulletin board for $CCGI.  Furthermore, $ECTY is in partnership with the US Department of Energy on The EV Project.

Take a look at the weekly chart below for $ECTY:


You can see that price action is bouncing off the 89 xma and is heading back up.  In Elliot Wave Theory term, I say that price action is ready to embark on the 3rd wave pattern which is the longest wave in the 5 wave patterns.

For the daily chart below:


You can see that price action today took out the recent pivot high of $1.62 from two weeks ago.

In summary, in order for this “investment” to be fully rewarding, I may have to add it to the long-term portfolio along side with $LRAD, $INO, and $AMRN.

My 2 cents.

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