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11-19-2014 Trading Journal

A small hiccup, nothing to write home about, was all that happened to the bull today.


Price is still on top of the 5 MA line.  The bullish trend is still intact.

The correction today on my port was expected after the spectacular up day yesterday.

When $NUGT opened lower, I watched the opening range to see where it would go.  But when price started to trade down to the lower boundary of the opening range, I did not like the “sense” I was picking up.  I checked the $DUST chart, the counter-party to $NUGT, to see how price was trading.  I was surprised to see that price was bouncing off the daily 79 MA line.  Knowing that this support line is powerful, I did not want to challenge it; thus, I sold $NUGT to lock in gain even before it broke thru the lower opening range and immediately bought $DUST for the bounce off the 79 MA line.

The trade became profitable not long afterward; however, price began to gave back earlier gain going into the Fed release of the minutes.  While I was still in the money with $DUST, I decided to hold thru the Fed release ’cause I didn’t see why the Fed would change its mind to start buying bonds again when oil price has been careening down for the last four months. Needless to day, I was corrected to hold.


Price bounced off nicely off the 79 MA line and I’m glad to see price closed above the 89 MA line as well.  Let’s see if this one can bounce further tomorrow.

Despite a down day, $LRAD was holding its ground very well after the yesterday big up day.


Tomorrow after hour will determine if price can continue to rocket higher from here.

$AMRN also corrected.


What bother me the most is that price is now banging its head against the 79 & 89 MA resistance lines.  I like to see price climb over it and stay above it for the bull thesis to be strong.

$ORBC also recovered nicely after bouncing off the 79 MA line.


There is really nothing to do now but wait for development.  I’m in this one for the long haul.

Lastly, $DMRC corrected some more.


Price is now at the 79 MA support line.  I like to see this support hold.

Due to $DMRC drawdown and minor corrections from $AMRN & $LRAD, my port gave back 2.3%.  YTD gain is now at 20.2%.

Current holdings:

LRAD, DMRC, ORBC, AMRN, DUST (100% invested/speculated).

My 2 cents.

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Zen sees possible “real” bullish harami in $DUST

Apparently, the bullish harami continuation pattern on my $NUGT wasn’t doing too well today.  I gave back all paper gain from yesterday and took a tiny losses for the work.  I also took a small losses on $ABX as well.

Not to be discouraged, $DUST now shows a possible bullish harami “at the bottom” of the trend with supports on the two moving averages lines.  Of course, the bullish harami will have to be confirmed tomorrow with price action taking out today close.


I bought $DUST this morning looking to see if this bet will pay off tomorrow.

My 2 cents.

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Zen ate $NUGT for breakfast

Did anyone see the double-top formation on $DUST?

Seeing that $DUST price action was having a difficult time maintaining above the previous high of $119.63 from Apr 17th, I saw a low risk trade in $NUGT for a bounce.

Take a look at the daily $DUST chart below:


Chart is not looking healthy for the bull here.  A severe double-top formation has formed with price action today taking out the low of the last two days.

Take a look at the daily $NUGT chart below:


Although I was stopped out for a nice gain on $NUGT from the morning entry (with a low risk stop below intra-day low), I’m looking for a re-entry point with a low risk stop.  Today candlestick bar is forming a bullish engulfment bar which can become a bottom bullish reversal pattern if price action confirms with an upside movement tomorrow.

My 2 cents.


The trades I made in $NUGT were time-stamped in twitter

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Zen hunts $DUST for gold scrap

I like $DUST for its power surge yesterday and I think the run isn’t over yet.  I missed the chase yesterday and today retracement in the 3m chart gave me an opportunity for a bounce play with small risk.


I bought a starter position @ $103.xx and placed a stop below the recent pivot low.  See line on chart.

My 2 cents.


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Blowing $DUST on my face

I’m going for the gold in $DUST for another try.  My first try was a winner due to a gap up on 4/15/2013 after I bought near the end of day on 4/12/2013.

Now, with a very decent volume so far that already exceeds the daily volume of the last few days, I believe $DUST may be gunning for the previous high of $119.63 again.  Take a look at the daily chart below.


Price action already took out the high of the last nine days. I’m betting that this breakout has leg.  Notice both the momentum indicators are now pointing up.

Needless to day, I bought a starter position at the low $96.xx area.

Due to the nature of $DUST being a 3x ETF, this is a high risk trade.

My 2 cents.

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Biting the $DUST

I’m going to chase the $DUST because I believe it is going to take out the top set in May 2012.  If gold price is being clobbered, the gold miners will be decimated.

Take a look at the weekly $DUST chart.  My sense is that last May high will be taken out by next week.  Perhaps, gold is no longer a safe haven because people are coming back to buy stocks as you can see we have made new high on the DOW.


Come to think of it, we may even take out last year high today… there are still 35 minutes for this to happen.

My 2 cents.

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