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05-23-2014 Trading Journal

Up Up and Away!


Yeap, that was what the market did today. When you look back to the beginning of May, you may realize that “sell in May and walk away” doesn’t apply for 2014 as well.  Ok, I may jump the gun a bit since there are still four trading days left for the month; however, the market will have to fall hard the next four days to prove the “sell in May” theorem.  I can’t say the odd is against a falling market since the $SPY is now touching the upper band of the Bollinger band; but the after hour SP500 being up 6.95 currently tells me the bull is firmly in charge right now.

I bought $DNN today ’cause I was looking for a bounce.


The 5 MA line is hooking back up and the momentum indicators below also tell me that price may be about to bounce.  I’ve my mental stop below the low of $1.14.

$DMRC took a small pause after yesterday bounce.


Price is now resting at the 79 MA line which is also a good support.  If price takes off from here, it will be a breakout of the downtrend line from the recent symmetrical triangle.

$KGJI continued to correct a bit but the fall is decelerating.


The “almost” doji looking bar is a small range bar and it may be a potential bottom from here.  Notice that the low of the day landed right on the 61.8% Fib retracement from recent low to recent high.

$AMRN looked good today with a nice bounce.


However, price needs to climb back above the resistance at $1.36 first.  Let’s see if this can happen this week; $AMRN will need a strong script number from last week to make it happen.

$LRAD bounced off the 15 MA line and closed back above the 89 XMA line.


I say it looks good from here.

Due to small corrections from multiple positions, my port dropped 0.66% today and YTD gain is now 5.7%

Current holdings:


From my other account:

I got cold feet and decided to sell all my $FITX after the morning bounce.  While $FITX is definitely laying down ground work for a strong future ahead with high caliber directors; there is still an unknown “waiting period” for the Health Canada licensing approval.  The longer we don’t hear anything about the HC, the harder it is to support current price and market cap.  Thus, I’m foregoing possible run from here to play safe with my cash.  I’m looking to buy back $FITX at lower price if possible to reduce my risk exposure.

My 2 cents.

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05-01-2014 Trading Journal

The market took a pause today. SPY_Daily

See the doji bar near the resistance.  It could go either way… tomorrow we will find out.

I was quite impressed with $DDD transformation after reading their earnings report.  It has changed my perception of this company favorably.  I originally focused mainly on $XONE due to its metal printing machine; but $DDD actually made a lot of headway in this area as well.  Giving the bounce after the drop from the earnings news, I took the opportunity to buy some here as almost 50% discount from the previous historical high. DDD_weekly

From the weekly chart above, you can see the support goes all the way to early 2013.  If price remains about the same tomorrow, we will have an inside week that could serve as a possible bottom if this week high is taken out next week

Somehow, i can’t take my hand off the $KNDI machine.  I bought back a standard size position to see if it can bounce up from here. KNDI_daily

Price is still trading near the support so i will either get whipsawed again or finally catch the bottom from here.

$AMRN was holding well in the morning so I decided to add more to bring it back to the size I had two days ago. AMRN_daily

Price bounced nicely today.  If you look at the daily chart above, you can see the channel range from late January of this year.  Price seems to be bouncing off the bottom of the channel right now.

I had to admit I was a little hasty to add more $DNN after the open. DNN_daily

Now, if I could only wait… but it is hindsight talking anyway.  After the big green bar yesterday, price has to take out the low of yesterday before I start thinking about cutting losses.  Meanwhile, I’m going to give it a bit more room to fluctuate.

$DMRC took another tumble today but somehow I’m not worried about this one. DMRC_daily

Price is still above the 79 & 89 MA lines; however, it is my belief in the $DMRC technology that put me in a calm mode.  After all, I have to be in the position to take advantage of any favorable development.  Missing out the rocket launch of $GWPH by one day is a huge lesson for me to learn.  One must learn to take some reasonable drawdown to stay in the game for the event news.  Due to downdraft of $DMRC and other positions, my port was down another 1%.  YTD gain is now 5%.

Current holdings: DMRC, LRAD, SVBL, AMRN, SEED, DDD, KNDI, DNN and 7% cash.

From my other account: Nothing new here except to wait for Health Canada inspection and approval of the license.

My 2 cents.

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04-30-2014 Trading Journal

Market continued higher today.


Price is now coming near the resistance again.  Can it bust out to make new high?  It will be interesting.

Again, I was whipsawed by $NUGT.  Somehow, I knew it was going to happen but I bought anyway.  Oh well… moving on.

When market turned south initially after the open, I began to dump $APRI and $CERS to raise cash and reduce risk. I was near 100% invested and I didn’t want to get caught heavily exposed.  I also reduced $AMRN by 60%; but when price began to stabilize and started to move up again, I bought back some $AMRN shares I sold in the morning.

By the end of the day, I noticed that $DNN was forming a bullish engulfment bar at the support level, I saw this as an opportunity to buy some to see if this will bounce.


Notice that big bad green bar that completely engulfed the previous red bar?

Due to correction from $DMRC, $NUGT, and a few others, my port dropped a bit over 1%.  Current YTD gain is now at 6%.

Current holdings:

DMRC, LRAD, SVBL, AMRN, SEED, DNN and 22% cash.

From my other account:

$FITX bounced again due to their readiness to be inspected by Health Canada.  It’s going to be another week or two before we may hear anything.  Patience is required here.

My 2 cents.


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Uranium is back!

I believe the election result from Japan last Sunday is the reason for the uranium kick-off today.

Unfortunately, I did not have any $USU on me so I missed the 156% phenomenal increase.  However, there are others that are likely to catch up pretty fast- mainly $DNN.  $URRE has already moved 21% today so I’m not going to chase this one.

Chartwise, $DNN is breaking out of the downtrend line with super high volume.  Thus, I bought $DNN today instead of the others.


My 2 cents.

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Zen hunts $DNN to get radioactive high

With $CCJ recovering, it is time for $DNN to play catch up.  We are getting close to the point when the uranium supply from the Russia will come to a slow drip due to expiration of the on going US-Russia HEU (highly-enriched uranium) agreement in 2013.

The chart below looks like it is ready for a bounce.


I bought a starter position in the morning and later added more to double-down on the bet.

My 2 cents.

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Buying back Uranium for my portfolio

I bought $DNN today.  I’ve been watching and waiting and I think it is time to get back in.

See how price action took out the resistance line (blue) yesterday.  And today, it gapped up.  I thought I could wait for it to retrace back to the blue line but there were just too many bids holding this one up.  So, I decided to join in and bought a 3/4 size position on it.


I also took advantage of $CCJ correction today to buy back in starter share.


Did you see the intra-day (3m chart) uptrend line after the downdraft this morning?

Take a look at the daily chart below, see how $CCJ is still trading inside the consolidation range?  If it breaks out of the range to the upside, it will be a runner.  The longer it stays in the range, the harder it will run once it breaks out.


I also bought $URA today.  Take a look at the daily $URA chart below.  It looks like it is about to bust thru the downtrend line.


My 2 cents.

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