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06-06-2014 Trading Journal

Away it went… up!


Look at the momentum to the upside!

Meanwhile, some of the my positions didn’t have the same momentum type of up movement…

$CLDX opened and headed lower which triggered my hard stop I placed yesterday.


While price recovered to even before closing; it did not have the same upward momentum to have a new high bar.  So, I did not miss anything by stopping out at small losses.

I bought $KNDI hoping to catch a bounce with a tight stop below yesterday low.


Nope, price did not take off like the $SPY and instead took me out by taking out yesterday low.  Looking that the chart above, You would think that it went out of air…Price also closed below the 79 & 89 MA lines.  So, I didn’t miss this trade for stopping out for small losses.

$BIOS opened higher than yesterday close so I bought back a starter position to test the water.


I even added more during the day; however, by end of day I decided to close out my position for small gain ’cause I didn’t want to hold this over the weekend when price only bounced modestly today.

$CREE went out of air by the close so I sold to lock in small gain as well.


With the $SPY shooting up, I didn’t want to hold any “swing trading” positions if price did not follow the same pattern.  $CREE gave back gain by the close so I sold.

$CLD also did not maintain the same $SPY upward movement; instead, it came back down from the intra-day high to settle back at the opening price to create a doji bar.


Nope, I was not willing to hold this one as well when price did not follow the $SPY so I sold for small gain.  Notice that price could not close above the 89 MA line which meant that these two MAs are still strong resistance.

I searched my emotional connection to selling out my $KGJI and $AMRN earlier last week.  The reason to my action was nothing more than letting the “momentum” of selling of other positions to carry over to these two positions which I actually hesitated to sell.

“Why not?”

A simple “Why not?” pushed me over so I clicked, clicked, and clicked to sell $KGJI and $AMRN to my own chagrin.

Since $LRAD and $DMRC are my long-term fundamental play, I left them alone.

Regardless of my non-stellar performance of the positions I sold, $LRAD and $DMRC both gained enough for me to recapture 1.2% in my port.  YTD gain is now 3.3%.

Current holdings:

$LRAD, $DMRC, and 46% cash.

My 2 cents.


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06-05-2014 Trading Journal

Today is a “Wow” day!


Look at the chart, “Wow!” is all I can say…

But before the “Wow” was to happen, the market actually went down not long after the open.  Thus, I went short with $TZA with a tight hard stop below the intra-day low. Needless to day, I was stopped out for small losses.  It was a good thing I had a hard stop close by; otherwise, I would lose a lot more than I want to if I didn’t pay attention.

Afterward, I looked for candidate to go long now that I had a clean port with plenty of cash.

I selected $CLDX ’cause the chart looked like it was ripe for busting out to the upside.


However, I used a close hard stop below intra-day low to protect myself in case the rally is short-live.

Next, I bought some $CLD for the bounce play as well.


While I was late to the table, the strong upward bar that took out the high of the last ten days reflected a lot of strength in today movement.  As in $CLDX, I also used a tight hard stop below intra-day low in case the rally lost momentum.

I also bought $CREE ’cause today doji bar was finding support at the 15 MA line and the 5 MA was coming to meet it.


I was looking for the 5 MA to turn back up after meeting the 15 MA line.  If price does not bounce from here, my tight stop below yesterday low will take me out for a small losses.

That was all I was willing to do today to test the water.

$DMRC recovered nicely today.


If price can bounce from here, current support has foundation that goes all the way back to February of this year.

$LRAD dropped significantly earlier in the day but recovered nicely by day close with higher than average volume.


If price can take out today high tomorrow, price may head back up above $2 easily.

Thanks to $DMRC recovery, my port also gained back 0.60% point.  YTD gain is now 2.1%.

Current holdings:

LRAD, DMRC, CREE, CLD, CLDX and 32% cash.

My 2 cents.


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Finding support in $CREE

I’m joining Raul3 by buying a full-size position on $CREE today.  I initially bought $CREE on the day of the gap-down; but when price was looking to cut below $60, I dumped 80% of my holding and wait.  I’ve bought back more $CREE today because price has confirmed a support that I’m seeing in the chart.

Take a look at the weekly chart below:


The last pivot high was established in the week of 03/22/2013 at $55.66; today $CREE bounced off from the low of $55.75.

Below is another version of the weekly chart that shows the Fibonacci 38.2% retracement support at $55.61 going back to the low established in June of 2012.


Below daily chart shows $CREE is bouncing.  Potentially, if price could close at current level without giving back the gain by the close, we may have a bullish harami in the making.  Of course, price will need to take out the high of today next week to confirm this bullish bounce.


Now, take a look at the 5m intra-day chart below:


I like the fact that price action took out the upper-band of the 20 minutes opening range (grey area).  I’m watching to make sure it doesn’t break down and take out the lower-band today.  If it does, I may elect to put my stop below $55.60 at a GTC hard stop.

Good luck to all who has $CREE.  I concur with Raul3 that the technology of LED will soon replace our obsolete fluorescent and candescent lighting simply because it saves electric and last much longer.

My 2 cents.

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