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05-19-2014 Trading Journal

Market continued the bounce from last Friday.


Even though the DOW was up slightly, the S&P500 looked pretty good on the chart.  Price is now near the top band of the consolidation range.

$AMRN made new low and I saw no reason to hang around holding my position anymore.


The new low was disappointing ’cause I didn’t think it could go that much lower.  Oh well, I took my “new” losses and moving on.

Later on, I noticed that $CCJ was trading near a low that has strong support going all the way eight months.


I bought a starter position to test the water with a hard stop below recent low.

I’m also seeing the same strong support in the $14 range for $CARA.


Did you see how price traded near the $13-$14 range that goes back to February?  I also bought a starter position for the bounce.

$LRAD continued to excel by taking out the upper band of the consolidation range.


By doing so, it also took out the 79 MA line.  Let’s see if this one can take off from here in a big way.

Thanks to gain from $LRAD & $SVBL, it was enough to offset the losses from $DMRC, $KGJI, $SEED & $AMRN to keep my port at breakeven.

Current holdings:


From ,my other account:

$FITX opened down and I immediately unload my positions pieces by pieces.  When I looked back at it, I scratched my head on why I even bought it back last Friday for the bounce.  I sold it last week ’cause I felt the price would have a hard time going up due to $FITX having to apply for zoning permission to increase the size of the production facility.  And yet, on the next day, I completely forgot the reason for it and bought back for the bounce.  Today, I paid the price for forgetting…  Oh well, moving on.

My 2 cents.

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Buying back Uranium for my portfolio

I bought $DNN today.  I’ve been watching and waiting and I think it is time to get back in.

See how price action took out the resistance line (blue) yesterday.  And today, it gapped up.  I thought I could wait for it to retrace back to the blue line but there were just too many bids holding this one up.  So, I decided to join in and bought a 3/4 size position on it.


I also took advantage of $CCJ correction today to buy back in starter share.


Did you see the intra-day (3m chart) uptrend line after the downdraft this morning?

Take a look at the daily chart below, see how $CCJ is still trading inside the consolidation range?  If it breaks out of the range to the upside, it will be a runner.  The longer it stays in the range, the harder it will run once it breaks out.


I also bought $URA today.  Take a look at the daily $URA chart below.  It looks like it is about to bust thru the downtrend line.


My 2 cents.

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