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11-18-2014 Trading Journal

Alrighty! Finally, the bull perked up and started to gallop up the hill…


Now, the chart looks unarguable bullish.

And my port could not agree more!  Today is one of the best up days for my port.  Three positions were up more than 10+% and only one that was down slightly.

The largest gain came from $LRAD since it is my largest position.


Look at that beautiful solid green up bar with higher than average volume.  And we haven’t even heard the earnings call yet.  If, a big IF, the earnings call and future guidance are positive, there are a lot more room for this to go up.

Man oh man, am I glad I bulked up on $AMRN last Friday with proceed from $URA.  $AMRN continued to surge ahead with super high volume.


What I like about the chart is that price is now penetrating the 79 & 89 MA lines to get back on the top side.  If momentum can continue tomorrow, the 79 & 89 MA lines will become supports.  Fundamentally speaking, there are more good news regarding the superority of Vascepa Omega-3 pure EPA.  I might just be able to recoup all my prior losses on $AMRN and make even more money with this one if this momentum can continue onward.  If that is the case, this disaster for the last two years will be a blessing in disguise ’cause it gave me the opportunity to load up under $1.00 in a way that I could not do if FDA had been favorable to $AMRN from the beginning (two years ago).

Did I catch the bottom for $NUGT finally?  I hope I did.


Price continued to bounce higher after a gapped open.  While I didn’t buy at the bottom, I’m just glad to catch the start of the momentum last Friday with the proceed from $URA.

$DMRC, while up slightly, still performed admirably against the bear attack by closing on the positive side.


I like the green bar riding on the 89 MA support line.  It sure looks like it is going to bounce from here.

With $LRAD up 13.9%, $AMRN up 23.4%, and $NUGT up 14.6%; my port gained a fantastic 9.5% for the day.  My YTD gain is now at 22.5%.  And it is not even Thursday yet.  If $LRAD earnings is leaning on the positive side, there are more gain to be had before the year is over.

Current holdings:

LRAD, DMRC, ORBC, AMRN, NUGT (100% invested/speculated).

My 2 cents.

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