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11-12-2014 Trading Journal

Due to the lack of urgency in the bull’s frame of mind, the southern wind took the opportunity to guide the bull in the wrong direction in a subtle way…


There is a slow curving back to the downside and it is important that some bullish catalyst kick in soon to push the market higher in a big way to get the momentum going.

$LRAD finally kicked in to contribute to the upward growth of my port.


Today bar was a very strong bullish engulfment bar.  Let’s see if the momentum can continue onward this week; perhaps take out the $3 resistance once again.

As if working in tandem, $DMRC took a breather while $LRAD grabbed the baton and ran with it.


Although $DMRC corrected slightly, the overall tone is definitely bullish here.  I see that it is preparing to break out of the $30 range soon.

$ORBC performed brilliantly again.


Price continued on higher.  I’m expecting the $7 resistance will be taken out soon.

$URA continued to rest a little more after two big up days.


From the chart, the corrections were quite tame so to speak.

Seeing that I’ve some cash available, I decided to buy back some $AMRN for the bounce.


Simply because price took out yesterday high, I saw a high probability of a bottom being developed here. Since this position is relatively small compared to the other four in my port, I may just hold on to it without trading in and out like I used to.

Thanks to $LRAD generous gain (remember, this is my largest position in the port) and $ORBC up bar, my port gained another 3.2% with YTD gain at 15.8%.

Current holdings:

LRAD, DMRC, ORBC, URA, AMRN and 0.8% cash.

My 2 cents.

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