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07-28-2014 Trading Journal

Market traded lower after open but made a gallant effort to climb back to positive territory to close.


Price is now at the resistance point again. If market takes out today high tomorrow, it will also take out the resistance as well.  Let see if it can do it.

My port was subjected to quite a bit of volatility today due to wide swing in $HYGS.  But what matter is how it is closed by the end of the day.HYGS_daily $HYGS closed near the high of today trading range which was a positive sign even though it was down for the day.

As far as the chart is concerned, it is still very bullish in my book.  It is my opinion that the development of business progress and the technical signs in the chart are in perfect harmony with each other at the moment. July 30th earnings update will decide if this harmony continues onward.

$DMRC had a small bounce today despite a negative early start.


If you look carefully on the chart, you will notice that today price bounced off the Fib 61.8% retracement line.  It is possible that price may begin to climb back up from here.

$STV, $KGJI, and $AMRN all bounced nicely today. Unfortunately, $LRAD, being my largest position, did not do well today.  Thus it dragged my port down by 0.5%  despite some bounces and recovery for the day.  YTD losses is now 3.4%.

Current holdings:

LRAD, DMRC, HYGS, STV, KGJI, ORBC, AMRN (100% invested/speculated)

My 2 cents.

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