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06-17-2014 Trading Journal

Bouncing away was the market way today.


Look at that nice bounce off the 15 MA line!

$KGJI announced that its Board of Directors approved a special cash dividend of $0.08 per share of common stock to be payable on July 31st, 2014 to stockholders of record as of June 30, 2014.  Seeing that my yield will be over 6% even if I added more today, I bought more to round up my investment size.  I believe $KGJI is having another stellar quarter such that they have more than enough cash to issue the special dividend.


Price spiked up but gave back much gain during the day.  There are simply too many investors who do not “believe” enough on this stock and its performance.  In time, this stock will eventually bounce and have its glory day.  I’m going to have to wait it out; meanwhile, it is nice to collect dividend while doing so.

$APRI took out yesterday low so I decided to sell my position to lock in small gain so I could use the proceed to add more $SWIR, $NMRX,and $KNDI.


Price fell right back into the middle of the symmetrical triangle.  If it can not bounce off the 89 MA line tomorrow, it does not look good.

$SWIR took out the 79 MA line resistance so I added more.


I need to see price continue upward and away from the 79 MA line to confirm the bull trend tomorrow or later in the week.

$NMRX corrected a bit but I added more anyway to round up my investment size.


Price maintaining above all MA lines offered much comfort in my holding this one.

$KNDI rallied hard today and I added more when it took out the 79 MA resistance.


Although price fell back below the 79 MA resistance, I’m going to see if it can continue the bounce.  If not, I may have to bail to lock in profit ’cause the 79 & 89 MA resistance can be tough to break thru.

$DMRC spiked up today but gave back all gain and some by closing bell.


Price probably will bounce around here waiting for news.

$LRAD bounced nicely today due to news that it received $1.7 million order from an International Navy in Southeast Asia.


Price jumped out of the consolidation range and closed above all MA lines.  Looking good so far.

$BIOS bounced off the 15 MA line and made an impressive run to the upside.


Unfortunately, the air went out and price fell back down some.  Price, however, still closed higher than the 5 MA line which is a good sign.

Today, five of my stocks were positive against three negative. Due to gain from $LRAD, $SWIR, and $KGJI, my port gained 1.25%.  YTD gain is now 6.5%.

Current holdings:


From my other account:

Look like I sold $TRTC too soon since price bounced back impressively today. But then, I wasn’t willing to bet on the permit issuance; thus no risk, no gain.  So, I’m ok with that.

My 2 cents.


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