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06-06-2014 Trading Journal

Away it went… up!


Look at the momentum to the upside!

Meanwhile, some of the my positions didn’t have the same momentum type of up movement…

$CLDX opened and headed lower which triggered my hard stop I placed yesterday.


While price recovered to even before closing; it did not have the same upward momentum to have a new high bar.  So, I did not miss anything by stopping out at small losses.

I bought $KNDI hoping to catch a bounce with a tight stop below yesterday low.


Nope, price did not take off like the $SPY and instead took me out by taking out yesterday low.  Looking that the chart above, You would think that it went out of air…Price also closed below the 79 & 89 MA lines.  So, I didn’t miss this trade for stopping out for small losses.

$BIOS opened higher than yesterday close so I bought back a starter position to test the water.


I even added more during the day; however, by end of day I decided to close out my position for small gain ’cause I didn’t want to hold this over the weekend when price only bounced modestly today.

$CREE went out of air by the close so I sold to lock in small gain as well.


With the $SPY shooting up, I didn’t want to hold any “swing trading” positions if price did not follow the same pattern.  $CREE gave back gain by the close so I sold.

$CLD also did not maintain the same $SPY upward movement; instead, it came back down from the intra-day high to settle back at the opening price to create a doji bar.


Nope, I was not willing to hold this one as well when price did not follow the $SPY so I sold for small gain.  Notice that price could not close above the 89 MA line which meant that these two MAs are still strong resistance.

I searched my emotional connection to selling out my $KGJI and $AMRN earlier last week.  The reason to my action was nothing more than letting the “momentum” of selling of other positions to carry over to these two positions which I actually hesitated to sell.

“Why not?”

A simple “Why not?” pushed me over so I clicked, clicked, and clicked to sell $KGJI and $AMRN to my own chagrin.

Since $LRAD and $DMRC are my long-term fundamental play, I left them alone.

Regardless of my non-stellar performance of the positions I sold, $LRAD and $DMRC both gained enough for me to recapture 1.2% in my port.  YTD gain is now 3.3%.

Current holdings:

$LRAD, $DMRC, and 46% cash.

My 2 cents.


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