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05-02-2014 Trading Journal

Although the market was slightly negative today, I felt a strong undercurrent supporting the bullish stance.


Price is still above the 5 MA line despite a negative close.

Not to be given up so quickly, I tried $NUGT once again by buying in when price opened higher than yesterday close with a hard stop below the intra-day low.  This time I got traction.  My stop was not hit and I recovered all the money I lost from the last time I was stopped out of.  I’ll continue to hold this one as long as I can.


Chart showed a nice healthy bounce from here with volume greater than the last six trading days..

I also bought back some $KGJI which I used to own awhile ago but dumped it before the collapse.


I bought ’cause price bounced nicely off the support that goes back to September of last year. Let’s see if this one can bounce back to its formal trading range in the $1.7x area.

$DMRC bounced nicely today.


Today green bar may just be the beginning of another uptrend.  We’ll see next week.

Due to immediate gains from $NUGT and $KGJI as well as gain from $DMRC, $LRAD, $AMRN, my port went back up almost 2%.  YTD gain is now 7%.

Current holdings:

DMRC, LRAD, SVBL, AMRN, SEED, DDD, KNDI, NUGT, KGJI, and DNN (100% invested).

From my other account:

Waiting for $FITX to announce result of Health Canada inspection and license approval.

My 2 cents.


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