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12-26-2013 Trading Journal with emphasis on $INO

And the market continued to reach new height to make way for 2014…

Meanwhile, $INO has another fantastic run-up day.  Compared to the last two run-up in the 2nd half of 2013, this run-up is based entirely on expectation instead of news released from the company.  The thing about expectation is that you never know when the run is over.  In other words, we never know where the price point for this renewed expectation.


From the daily chart, you can see that the 79 & 89 MA lines are in an uptrend.  Not only that, these two magical lines are able to support the corrections from the last two run-ups.  For a biotech company to test the previous highs of the last two run-up within a 5-month periods, I’ve to say that $INO has a lot of believers as well as investors who want to see $INO succeeds for the benefits of the human race.  Make no mistake, if the trial result in mid-2014 proves positive, the implication is a disruptive bio-technology that will surely revolutionize vaccines technology.  Not to mention the positive expectation on the multiple pipelines $INO is currently working on.

Can $INO synthetic vaccines work this time when so many others have failed?  Will they finally get it right this time to merit a positive trial result?  Could past failures point $INO to the right path in making synthesis vaccines to work in human?  We will soon find out by mid-2014 with their cervical cancer trial result.  Previous run-up had been based on fantastic news from positive preclinical results on mice.  And a jump from mice to human will require a lot of “tweaking” in the labs to make it works on human.  I’m crossing my finger that the $INO has finally tweaked its synthesis vaccine to the point that it will work on our human body.

Having said that, $INO is still a speculative bet.  A bet that if won, a blast-off in price will result; and if failed, be prepared to say good-bye to your investment.  And that is why I’m investing only a mid-size position in comparing to my previous big bet on the first run back in August.  With a mid-size position, I no longer need to watch it like a hawk and be quick on the trigger.  I can just let it ride amidst the volatility.


Take a look at the monthly chart above, price has already climbed above all MA lines. Even the 89 MA is now beginning to point up.  It looks like price is getting ready to make history next year, the year of 2014.

For all intent and purpose, all the stocks in my portfolio are chosen for its potential explosive run-up in 2014.

$KNDI did well today by heading higher albeit only 2.63%.  As long as price can continue its momentum to the upside, I’m happy.


I like the fact that the 5 MA line is now pointing back up.  There is a lot of potential for $KNDI in 2014.  All we need to hear next year is the completion of more and more car-sharing garages in multiple cities in China.  I truly believe the business model of selling the EV to car-sharing garages as opposed to consumers directly is the KEY to getting EV out on the roads.  I’m very confident that $KNDI (by partnering with Geely- one of the largest car manufacturer in China) will succeed in leaps and bounds in this car-sharing direction.

$XONE continued to head higher today and I like to see it take out $100 next year.


Price has finally bounced away from the 79& 89 MA lines with the 5 MA pointing up.

$GALE is another speculative bio-tech I like that may flourish in 2014.  Today small increase continued to support the current consolidation instead of developing a downward trend.


The underlying tone, as can be seen by the two momentum indicators below as well as the 5 MA line starting to point up, is still bias on the long side.  I can see price pop either into the year-end or early next year.

Thanks to $INO, $KNDI, $XONE, and $GALE, my portfolio has another healthy gain today.

Current holdings:

LRAD, KNDI, KGJI, CERS, INO, XONE, GALE, AMRN, TINY (fully speculated).

My 2 cents.

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