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10-30-2013 Trading Journal

Market opened a bit higher and then proceeded to dive underwater for the rest of the day.

Well well well, I was wrong about $CERS going over $7.  Actually the earnings report wasn’t so bad.  Although profit was down due to lower margin and higher expenses, these expenses went to build out infrastructure for the introduction of $CERS’ Intercept in the US.  At first, price did not gapped down big.it was slightly down.  So I took the opportunity to nibble some.  Then price continued to head lower; then headed even lower.  Once it passed below $6.50, I started to unload my shares as well ’cause I could feel the desperation in the selling.  After selling 80% of my shares with price still dropping.  I sat back and waited.  While price tried to go further below $6, it was met with buying.  Once the price began to bounce above $6 and refused to go below $6 again, i started to buy back my shares.  As price continued higher, I kept buying until I got all my shares back.  Now, I just have to dig my heel in and stay for the long haul.

While I proclaimed that I won’t sell my $AMRN shares yesterday, I was keeping my promise when price bounced off the gapped down and traded back up to above $1.9x.  I was content to hold on to my shares then.  However, when price began to drop again back to low $1.9x; I began to sense some bad vibes there.  Without hesitation, I started to unload my shares.  At first I sold 50%; then when price continued to see $1.90, I just dumped the rest ’cause I didn’t want to see price dropped below $1.90 with me holding the shares.  Good thing I sold ’cause price began a steep waterfall action to hit $1.80.  When you look at this, seems like $AMRN has been going thru some bad Karma here.  As in bad karma, after you have gone thru enough of it, good thing may come back to you.  So, I like to see price settles down at some level before I start to buy back for the bounce.

$KNDI continued to head lower and I was glad I was flat.  I did bought a starter position when price hit the support from early October.  If price can hold at these level tomorrow, I may start to buy back some more.  Take a look at the daily chart below:


Price is now sitting on a 50% retracement level as well as the support from Oct 9th low.  If price bounces tomorrow, I’m buying back my shares.  However, there is a Form S-3/A filing today. See link here.

$KGJI had a nice recovering day after an initial drop in the morning.  Take a look at the daily chart below:


Did you see the long-tail doji here?  I like the fact that the price close right at the intersection of the 5 and 15 SMA.  If the 5 SMA bounces off the 15 SMA from here, we are heading higher.  Because I expect to see price bounces when the $KGJI executives come to the US in November to talk to investors, I wasn’t worry when price dropped in the morning.

I’m still scratching my head on the $NCTY trade.  Price went down today but then almost all small caps went down today.  So I’m going to give it a bit more room.  The daily chart below shows the support line that I’m willing to see if it will hold.


I like to see price bounces from here though.

Like everyone else, $TINY also dropped but the daily chart still reflects an uptrend.  In other words, the mini-uptrend hasn’t been violated yet.  Therefore, I am still hopeful this won’t be dead money soon…  See chart below:


Giving that most of my stocks corrected today, my portfolio went down today.

Current holdings:


My 2 cents.

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