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10-23-2013 Trading Journal

Market was down all day but struggled to climb back up from below to reduce the fall.

Meanwhile, I got a little “too” busy today and all for naught (only in hindsight speaking, of course).

First, I moved my stop quickly to intra-day low on $NUGT after the open and got stopped out quickly to protect profit.  Price bounced around before tanking further down than my stop out point.   When price looked like stabilizing, I re-entered a starter position with a stop below the new intra-day low.  Price did bounce well but collapsed again to stopped me out.  Later again, when price bounced back up from the 5 SMA, I bought back starter position one more time.  By closing bell, I wasn’t stopped out.

$INO again was trading below yesterday close and I decided to bail again simple because price action was trading  below the 5 SMA line.

$KGJI was trading below yesterday close again and I thought price would collapse soon.  I sold 50% of my position to reduce risk and when I saw a large bid was still there, I decided to sell the other half.  And when I saw price did not collapse like I feared. I then look for an opportunity to buy shares back.  Before the closing bell, I was able to buy back 75% of the shares albeit at a bit higher price.

Although I said I wanted to hold $NCTY for longer term bounce, the morning price collapse cut thru the 5 SMA and touched on 15 SMA and it triggered my protection mode.  I decided to bail when there was bids large enough for me to sell.  Price eventually bounced back some.  I may buy back if shares continues to bounce tomorrow.

$CCJ was correcting like everyone else and I sold half when price took out the lower opening range.  Later, when price did not bounce, I sold the rest for small losses to raise cash.

$AMRN was doing well after open when it climbed back up to $2.30; however, later in the day, price collapsed quickly and I moved quickly to get out to protect profit from my entry below $2.  Later when price did not go further down, I began to buy the shares back for a bit higher than my sales price.

$CERS continued to head south and both 5 and 15 SMA converged and pointed down.  I decided to sell all my shares looking to buy back cheaper.  And when price was holding, I bought back 50% of my shares before closing bell.

Due to the general down market today, I decided to buy the ETF $SPXS to short the market.  I still have the position with a small losses at closing time.

Due to falling price of $KNDI, $AMRN, $LRAD, KGJI, $CERS my port was down 2%.

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