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Charging ahead for $ECTY

Do you know there are five different models (economical, no Teslar here) of EV from five different manufacturers? Take a look at this link.

There are:

  • FIAT 500e

Besides the above models, there are going to be more models coming soon.  Did you know that BMW will have its $40K i3 model coming to the US next year?

So, with more and more economical EVs coming into the streets, what do you think will happen to the infrastructure for EV?

I know! I know!  More charging stations!

Right you are!

Folks, you cannot avoid this trend.  EVs are coming!

Do you know that Trader Joe’s has the BLINK charging station from $ECTY in their parking lots?

Now, let’s take a look at the daily chart of $ECTY below:


Did you see the bounce?

Below is the weekly chart:


Did you see the support where the bounce is taking place?

Needless to day, I added more today for the inevitable bounce.

My  2 cents.

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2nd Chance on $ONVO

I’ve been waiting for the inevitable secondary offering to happen on $ONVO and it has finally happened.  This is considered good news to me since price action no longer has this dilution overhang that has been bursting every bubble-rallies in the last two weeks.

I bought a small starter position yesterday with a hard-stop and promptly got stopped out this morning with the gap-down.  However, when price traded down to the $4.50 offering price, I bought back my starter position plus more.  Now, I’m comfortable holding this one as a way to play catch-up with the 3D-printing stocks that I’ve missed back in March.

Why would I buy $ONVO after the dilution news?  Well, I learned my lesson from my $CLDX trade back in the Feb of this year.  I bought a boat load of $CLDX around mid-$7 and then the dilution news came.  I immediately dumped my position for losses.  Guess what?  Not only did $CLDX recover most of the price the same day, it continued onward to the $21+ level which was current price right now.  My problem with this trade was that after I was out, I resolved not to chase the stock due to my belief that the dilution would eventually kill the rally. In hindsight, now I’ve learned that it is not necessary true for every stock.  $CLDX has more potential than the pitfall of dilution.

Anyway, not to repeat the same mistake I’ve made on $CLDX, I bought $ONVO to see if my lesson with $CLDX will pay off.  Of course, risk management still needs to be applied here since this is still considered a highly volatile biotech stock.

Below is the daily chart:


Did you see price action is sitting right on the 79 sma and 89 xma?  This give me the confidence to take on this trade at the secondary offer price of $4.50.

My 2 cents.

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Cup and Handle breakout of $LRAD

From the last time I posted on $LRAD, price action has since retraced and later regained its momentum.  With more and more orders from domestic and overseas coming in recently, the $LRAD’s technology is being validated continuously.

$LRAD is now my largest position in my portfolio and I’ve no intention to take profit any time soon.  I see $LRAD is just getting started.

Below is the daily chart showing the breakout:


Below is the weekly chart showing that today price action is the breakout of a consolidation of over a year since May of last year.


There are three targets to hit after the breakout:

  • -Target 1 @ $1.78
  • -Target 2 @ $2.12
  • -Target 3 @ $3.36

I like to see them all hit before year-end.

My 2 cents.

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