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To sit, or not to sit–that is the question for gold dust trade

$NUGT has been on a tear since I began buying on Aug 7th.  Don’t believe me?  I had it time-stamped on twitter…


With only one day of minor correction to fill the gap on Aug 13th, price continued to march on.  While I had proclaimed I would “try” to sit on this position, the trading bug in me had me taking profit and jumping back in a couple of times since the blast-off.

As luck would have it, after taking profit yesterday at the $8.2x level with a bit of concern that I might have gotten out too soon, $NUGT opened lower and then bounced!  Without hesitation, I immediately jumped right back in to buy $NUGT at the low $8.xx.  And when the morning retracement brought the price back down to low $8 again, I added a bit more to take advantage of the retracement.  I would call today fortune of my ability to jump back in below my exit price yesterday as “lucky” intuition.

As of now, $NUGT price has broken out of the 7/23 high as I had suggested on my Aug 9th post,  Can $NUGT continue to go up from here?

I like to say so.  With the market on a correction mode, flight to safety in gold may be the next favorite trading position.

Take a look at the daily chart below:


As I began typing this post, $NUGT was still trading around the previous high of $8.57; now I could see price action continues to accelerate to the upside.  My next target for $NUGT is $12.42 (or $124.20 after 1 for 10 reverse-split).

Perhaps, I shall “sit” a little tighter now with the reverse split coming on line soon.  The split may or may not drive the price even higher.

My 2 cents.

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  1. Jakegint

    I think they need to dump this 1-10 reverse split idea, post-haste.

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    • Zenhunter

      True. They might be expecting price to go further down; hence the need for reverse split idea. Now with price heading back to the upside, I concur with you.

      Thanks for reading!

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  2. Adam

    nice work Zenhunter

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