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Cup and Handle breakout of $LRAD

From the last time I posted on $LRAD, price action has since retraced and later regained its momentum.  With more and more orders from domestic and overseas coming in recently, the $LRAD’s technology is being validated continuously.

$LRAD is now my largest position in my portfolio and I’ve no intention to take profit any time soon.  I see $LRAD is just getting started.

Below is the daily chart showing the breakout:


Below is the weekly chart showing that today price action is the breakout of a consolidation of over a year since May of last year.


There are three targets to hit after the breakout:

  • -Target 1 @ $1.78
  • -Target 2 @ $2.12
  • -Target 3 @ $3.36

I like to see them all hit before year-end.

My 2 cents.

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