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Zen bets $TBF for rising interest rate

I’m referring to the long-term 20 years bond interest rate.

Take a look at the weekly chart.  With today being a Friday, the current weekly bar has the highest volume for the last two plus months so far and the day is not even over yet.

From the weekly chart below, price action is playing around with the resistance level @ $30.7x.  I’ve a good feeling that next week, price action will  break out to the upside and the long-term uptrend will begin.


Notice also that the momentum indicators are heading up and the 5ma average is crossing over the 15ma to the upside.

I added to $TBF today and may add more if price action continues to the upside next week.

This stock may not run like a rabbit but I’m quite content to see this tortoise move up in its slow steady pace.

My 2 cents.

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  1. JB

    Do you have any stop set ? Thanks Zen.

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    • Zenhunter

      Not at this point, JB, since this is a slow moving stock. But I like to see price action holding the $30 price level. In other words, a tick below $30 will be my catastrophic stop. But knowing me, I may have already been out before it gets there. Follow me on twitter if you want to see what I’m doing with $TBF on a daily basis (if any action is taken).

      Hope it helps.

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