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Today Portfolio Adjustment (05-31-2013)

Today was a mixed bag of nuts.

Market opened negative but was able to come back up for air for a little bit before it sank back to the bottom of the sea.

First thing first, $UNXL was quite a disappointment.  On the bright side, I was stopped out for “another” losses in the morning for the nth time of trying to catch the falling knife.  The good news was that I stayed away from this lemon after I was out.  For those trying to catch the falling knife during the day day-trading this one will be getting deep cuts all over.  Not to mention traders getting “tilted” across the board.  Of course, only the ones who shorted this one would be walking to the bank.

With $NUGT opening down, I immediately reduced position size but later in the morning, I was stopped out of the rest of my $NUGT position which pushed me to give back my paper gain from my re-entry yesterday.  Good news is that I get to keep the profit I’ve made yesterday before the re-entry.

Having stopped out of $NUGT, I decided to add to $ABX as a substitute.  $ABX was doing fine in the morning when it took out yesterday high.  Unfortunately, by afternoon, it gave back all the gain and I was stopped out at breakeven.

I like $TBF price action and have added more today to round up my position size.  Let’s see if it can break out to the upside next week.

$CERS price action looked good in the morning so I added; but by the end of the day, price fell apart due to a negative DOW so I dumped my whole position near the bell to raise cash.  I like to take my losses when it is still small.

$CRIS was struggling all day so I dumped it near the bell as well.

$AMRN was doing great in the morning but was also affected by the negative DOW.  At least, it only gave back the gain and did not turn negative for the day.

$TINY, on the other hand, finally wakes up.  Several start-up technological companies inside $TINY portfolio are getting attention:

Metabolon, Inc. has launched a new blood test for stratifying prediabetic patients based on the Quantose(TM) insulin resistance markers.

D-Wave Systems that its new 512-qubit quantum computer, the D-Wave Two, will be installed at the new Quantum Artificial Intelligence Lab, a collaboration among NASA, Google and the Universities Space Research Association (USRA).

Bridgelux and Toshiba entered into a Joint Development and Collaboration Agreement for the development of GaN-on-Silicon LED technologies.

And $TINY owns quite a few shares of $SZYM which price action has been acting very positive recently.

Thanks to $TINY, my portfolio was up for the day.

I see $APRI, $DNN, $AMBA, and $BCRX  holding up all day without giving up too much ground so I decide to keep them.

Current holdings:


Still holding my $TSLA put option on my other “day-trading” account.


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