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Zen pulls $TSLA electric plug

A housewife has her Tesla Model S towed into the auto mechanic shop in the nearest town where her car broke down.

“Can you fix it in a day?  I don’t want to stay in this town for the night.”

I bought put option on $TSLA to short.  My bet is that the short-squeezed has reached its climax.  If any of you folks who is long $TSLA but hasn’t reached your climax yet, I feel sorry for you. (grin)

Here is a good looking chart that tells me a correction is imminent.  Remember, just because I say so doesn’t mean it is so.


Notice the divergence in the momentum indicator and the high volume today.  I see support around low 80.00.

Edit: I just learn that ChessNWine has a keen analysis on $TSLA as well, it is a must read.

My 2 cents.

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  1. am8aj2

    wat put structure and target

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    • Zenhunter

      June 21st, 2013 105 put. I like to see $TSLA touch $80; but I will monitor the price action on a daily basis to decide when to get out.

      Hope it helps.

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  2. RNB

    Sure tesla due for pullback but it has not worked. Congrats on being early to the fall, everyone else doing that so far has lost.

    I would have shorted the housewife. It shows you know nothing about they service there cars. There is little to break down, and when/if they do they send a ranger to you. While repairing your car, they give you a loaner of the best upgraded version they make.

    The puts youse guys are buying are gambling, there is no inherent value in what you bought and you deserve to lose your arse.

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