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Today Portfolio Adjustment (04-25-2013)

Today was a sit on your hand day.

Market opened up and my focus was immediately on $GLUU since $ZNGA gapped down from earnings report.  After a few minutes, I decided to sell $GLUU for losses in case price decided to do a waterfall style and I didn’t want to tie up my focus on $GLUU when I should be looking at other stocks.  Later, when $GLUU started to climb back up, I decided to jump back in and paid a premium for it.  Oh well, if $GLUU could take off from here, the premium I paid now would be a small token.

Since there were so many talk about solar stocks coming back into the limelight, I decided to look at $YGE which was an alert from RaginCajun.  I also traded $YGE long time ago so it was natural for me to pick $YGE as the solar play.  Chart looked good and I bought a starter position.

$BCRX was taking heat all day due to failure to foll0w-thru with yesterday big momentum day.  By the last hour of the trading day, I decided to reduce the position size to adjust my risk profile and to cut losses.

Seeing I was sitting on a very nice gain on $SZYM, I was getting a little concern about a late profit-taking coming later to erase my gain.  So I decided to take some profit first and see what happened later.  What happened later was that instead of profit-taking, there were more buyers coming in to rally the price further.  Seeing that I was wrong, I immediately jumped back in and bought back the shares I sold earlier.  And at price continued to rally toward the close, I bought some more.  Now I’m holding more shares than this morning before open.  Yes, I paid a premium to buy the shares back.  That is the price I’ve to pay for playing safe.

Seeing $RBCN gunning for a late run into the close, I added more shares.   I like to hear the squeaking sound from the shorts…

The charts on $CHK and $WPRT were doing a downside reversal later in the day and I decided I didn’t want to waste time managing these two stocks anymore; therefore, i sold $CHK at breakeven and $WPRT for a small gain.

I need to learn how to sit on my hands more so that I don’t have to pay premium to buy back stocks like $GLUU and $SZYM.  But my internal urge for safety can be very overwhelming sometimes.

Oh, btw, $AMRN did not take out yesterday low, so I’m content to continue to hold on to my swing trade position I added yesterday.

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