Saturday, December 3, 2016
Don't pay dollar to keep 2 cents when wrong. Cut your losses quickly. Trade what you see, not what you think.
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Did you hear that noise?

Sound like a steam engine of the north-bound train is kicking back into action.

Most of the charts I’m watching now act like they are coming back to life.

The $SPY daily chart below shows that, again, the Year 2000 high is a strong support. Price again bounces off this support instead of continuing the downdraft from yesterday.


The way I see this, we are still in a consolidation range inside these two multi-year highs. Because one successful attempt was made to break out of the 2007 high with several days over it before coming back down inside the range as opposed to zero day breaking down below the 2000 support, I’m cautiously optimistic that the bull is still alive and kicking. Of course, this is a matter of personal interpretation of the chart.

Nevertheless, I see enough today to jump back into stocks I’ve previously disposed of before.

My 2 cents.

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  1. Sooz

    not certain if anyone followed my light trade..via Sir Raul’s blog which no longer exist?
    Sooz has been all over that one(for yrs actually)..yes, I have been!

    I’ve posted entry/exit on many levels and intervals right here on the pages of ibankcoin.
    first in’s hit 1567% baby!!
    That’s is ‘NO’ Chump Change.
    It was a popper at open w/ last in’s (posted add back of shares in late Feb…yeah, that’s right) ..which hit a slick move(+130%)

    I had zero plans of working today..wth!

    Hope your day is going ‘Great’, Zen..

  2. raul

    LED growth potential is massive, I think 75% growth by 2020 is conservative.

    • Zenhunter

      I concur. Now, most flashlights are made with LED and I like them better because they give better light than conventional flashlight.

      Thanks Raul for letting me know the symbol Sooz was referring to.


  3. Sooz

    Sir Raul and Zen..

    and from scoop only 7wks and a few days ago..when I was taking a lunch break with a bunch of Hoosiers(d@mned truth..;)
    $3.25 +209.52% $1.05

  4. Sooz

    she’s traded in the past(?)..HMmmmmm(?)

  5. Sooz

    on a side note, ((SWEAR)) to you and Mother Nature, it is snowing outside this very moment!!


  6. Sooz

    D@MN IT ALL!!!!!

  7. Sooz

    Did you take that trade, Sir Raul?
    Sooz brought it to your attention when it sat below a buck..
    mentioned again..
    and again..
    and again..
    on so many different levels.

  8. Sooz

    great Bon Iver lyric…here..
    and superb cover by Birdy w/44mm youtube hits..


  9. Sooz


    so sweet!!

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