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Today Portfolio Adjustment (04-12-2013)

Today was like a lucid dream day.

Market opened down and $FB was fighting for its position.  Unfortunately, price action took out half-way point of yesterday bar, I took profit per my rule.  (what? you forgot my rule?  Here it is again: if price action take out half-way point of the previous daily bar, I’ll either cut loss or take profit.)

$BCRX opened neutral at first and then it became a runner.  I immediately added $BCRX as it ran and added some more when the runner wouldn’t stop.  By the time I was done adding, I’m holding 110% of my original size.  Latest news was that China had more death from the bird flu and the crisis was far from over.  I’m betting that $BCRX is the cure China is looking for.  I read that some people was claiming that the Peramivir China was looking for did not come from $BCRX.  However, when you goggle Peramivir, you will see this:

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Systematic (IUPAC) name
(1S,2S,3S,4R)-3-[(1S)-1-acetamido-2-ethyl-butyl]-4- (diaminomethylideneamino)-2-hydroxy-cyclopentane- 1-carboxylic acid

Peramivir is an experimental antiviral drug developed by BioCryst Pharmaceuticals for the treatment of influenza. It has been authorized for the emergency use of treatment of certain hospitalized patients with known or suspected 2009 H1N1 influenza.[1]

The Peramivir drug name comes from BioCryst, so I don’t know who else can claim that name?

Since the market was tanking, I also put a protective stop on $AIG below yesterday low to protect profit.  I was stopped out later.

$APRI meanwhile was taking heat so I unloaded shares to minimize exposure; however, later in the day when price action climbed back up, I bought back some shares I sold earlier.  I did the same with $CERS; sold some in the morning and bought them back later.  Yes, I bought them back at higher price.  And yes, that was the cost of my playing safe.

Later on, after seeing that gold and silver had been taking to the cleaner, I took a look at $DUST chart and found that it was reaching for the price of previous year high.  Having seen that, my intuition told me that price action might take out that high very soon.  Thus, despite $DUST being up all day already, I bought starter position to chase it.  Fortunately, price continued upward and I ended the day in the money.

Then, Vertigo from here alerted me of $PPC.  I took a look at the chart and it was a no brainer.  My quantum computer saw the chart and it literally moved my hand to the keyboard and mouse to execute the buy order.  I bought the starter position looking for a breakout to the upside next week.  $PPC had been consolidating for the last twelve weeks and a breakout from here could create a runner.

Before market closed, I saw $DDD made a come back from a down day and the daily chart looked good; so I bought a starter position.

I was disappointed with $DNDN ’cause it had been holding up quite well in the morning thru the afternoon; but by day end, it was falling apart.  I had no choice but to reduce my position size by half to minimize my exposure.

By day end, $APRI, $CERS, $SZYM, $BCRX were all holding well in their price action.

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