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Is mannkind breaking out from here?

Hey fella, you misspelled mankind! 

Oop! I meant the stock Mannkind ($MNKD).

This one is a biotech stock which I have shy away in the past because they have this inhalation for diabetes medicine.  I was thinking, “who want to inhale insulin into their lung for diabetes?

But then I asked myself, “but isn’t that how people get high on pot anyway?

Of course!

So, giving the daily chart showing a breakout; I bought a starter position.


This post is not as timely as my twitter update since I’ve bought $MNKD earlier than when I’m typing this post.   I got pulled away not too long after I bought.  Therefore, please follow me on twitter if you want a timely update on what I’m up to.

My 2 cents.

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