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Surprise inside a surprise

What?  $33?

No way!?

Wasn’t it trading at around $50 last week?

Wouldn’t that be a $17 drop instead of $6 drop this morning for missing earning expectation?

I was confused!  I bet you were too!

Yeah, I’m talking about DDD.

3-2 split at the day of earning report?!?


Anyway, as bad as this decision was, I thought I was giving an opportunity to buy back some DDD on the cheap!

After coming to my sense, I bought starter position on DDD under $31 with stop below intra-day low of $30.28.

When an opportunity comes for a chance to catch a falling knife, I’ve got to take it!

Remember, clap your hand together (parallel to the face of the blade) to catch the falling knife; otherwise, you will lose your fingers!

This is a high risk trade so I know I may need a bandage later.

Trade well!


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