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Pass the GLUU please

GLUU looks like it is setting up for a mighty bounce.

Ok, we may have a catalyst giving this news here- Nevada legalizes first interstate online poker.

Take a look at the hourly GLUU chart below:

GLUU hourly chart

Did you see how the price action break out of the downward trend-line and then consolidated into a ledge?  The way it is looking now, price action wants to go up.  If it takes out the ledge high of $2.38, I will add more.  If it takes out the low of the ledge at $2.27, I will cut my loss and move on.

I particularly like the big ass up bar right before the ledge.  Sometimes, after a spike like this with higher than average volume; it may be a start of a runner if the catalyst is substantial enough; on the other hand, it could be one of those “spike and ledge sell pattern” within a bearish trend.  This is why it is important to see which side of the ledge price action is going to take out next week.

Take a look at the daily GLUU chart below:

GLUU daily chart

Did you see how it was bouncing… bounce once on mid-Nov 2012; bounce again on early Feb 2013;  the 3rd bounce came off from a higher ground and stayed within the “upward” Andrew Fork lower line.  In other words, I see a good risk/reward trade here as long as I use the ledge on the hourly chart as my guidance for protective stop.

Btw, I didn’t get into this trade until the last 15 minutes on Friday when I saw a spike up.  This last minutes spike up reflected the price action upward bias inside the ledge; that was why I bought in my starter position.  If it had spiked downward instead, I would have passed and skipped the trade.

Trade well!

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