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“Retreat! Retreat!” Price action seems to suggest

The 10:00am melt-down was a sight to see.  Exactly at 10:00am, BOOM! Down it went!

With shell explosion everywhere, you have to retreat!

Sold all of the following for some gain, breakeven, and small losses:


Still holding AMRN plus my 25% long-term holdings

Current cash position = 70%

Will sit back and watch instead of trading to see where the market goes.  It is definitely too early to initiate any short position since this morning mini-meltdown is not enough to call into question the weekly bullish bar yet.

Good Hunting!

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  1. John Silb

    “Retrieve! Retrive!” would be a great headline if you had bought back your stocks. But, no, you just puked and are sitting on cash.

    What you meant was “Retreat! Retreat!” Fucking moron.

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    • zenhunter

      Hey, thanks for the correction on the wording; but is it really necessary for the name calling?

      If you read my post, then you will know I sold and sit in cash.

      Thanks for the correction but no thanks for the name calling.

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  2. zenhunter

    Sold AMRN for gain; albeit I gave back some today due to the bad ass bearish engulfment bar.

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