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Still on track to Mt. Fifth (more muddy road ahead though…)

Despite the muddy road today, the mule wagon (of equities) was able to gain an inch.  Until the day comes when the mud disappear, I’m afraid there will be more hardship ahead trekking thru the wetland of Mt. Fifth.

Because I was giving the opportunity, I unloaded my baggage (now holding 80% cash) without injury and took to the tree to wait for sunny day.   Oh you can call me anything you want; but you ain’t gonna make me walk thru the messy wetland when there is a chance of quicksand awaiting to swallow you whole.

Yes, safety comes first.  Believe me, when the sunny day comes and the wetland becomes dry land with roses lining up the trail, I will be running to the top of Mt. Fifth faster.  Yes, I’ll probably have to pay toll for running on sunny day but I bet I can pick up some gold nuggets along the way.

Regardless, my fellow travelers, I will see you at the top of Mt. Fifth waiting for you with ice-cream in the freezer. 🙂  And travel safe!

The weekly Dow Jones chart below shows that the Feb 2011 support still hold and the reversal green bar actually expanded a bit more!


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  1. zenhunter

    Trading Journal update: Long SKF with stop a bit below yesterday low.

    Short AAPL with June 15 565 Put

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  2. zenhunter

    Journal update: place buy stop at SKF yesterday high to add if filled.

    If price action take out yesterday high, I believe its correction may be over and it may “run” again.

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