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AAPL- Shootout at O.K. Corral (Ooop! I meant price-action at Nasdaq)

What’s an interesting Sunday reading.  We’ve two opposing views on AAPL that is typical of any stock exchange..  And I’m not about to regurgitate more of what is already out there except to paste another take below:


10banger post’s title “Apple is under attack” is accurate for AAPL’s price action for the last two trading days although the content of his post support a bearish long-term outlook.  Ben3, on the other hand, continues to support the positive AAPL long term “growth rate”.  In order for AAPL to reach $500, it must have sustainable growth rate in spite of competition.  Don’t forget Kindle Fire which Amazon recently increased its production run by an additional 1 million units.

In my opinion, the best indicator as to future direction of AAPL is not what we believe will happen; but what the price action is telling us.  While the bull and the bear have their own fundamental beliefs in supporting their view points, their beliefs must be attuned to the price action of the stock in question.  Otherwise, by insisting on being right when the price-action is telling you otherwise, I’m afraid you won’t find Mr. Right when you give back all your AAPL profit or ended up in red.

Btw, giving all the AAPL rumors and fierce competition out there, my opinion is that the AAPL next earning announcement will become the pivotal point for future long-term direction.  In other words, I will label that earning date at a gambling bet and will avoid putting any position by then.

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  1. The Fly

    Someone declared war on you, I reckon.

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  2. zenhunter

    Good gracious! It is an honor to have The Fly for taking a moment to grace my post with a comment!

    I’m not sure about anyone declaring war on me; but I’m doing the best to not declare war on myself! But you’re right, I need to be more careful about choosing an appropriate title.

    Btw, I’m in awe of your unique writing style. It is like seeing a new beautiful painting everyday just by reading your posts.

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