Looks like the market rally is starting to fizzle out. I was thinking the Dow futures would at least go to the 14,000 – 14,100 area. ¬†The rally isn’t dead by any means but it was a bit of a steeper sell off than I expected. But the market always seem to bounce back so don’t fight it until it tags the 14,000 level.


break fizzled. Got stopped out at the revised stop at $2.18 for a 0.31R loss. Which means instead of taking the full 1R (13 cents) loss I took a 31% less one at only 4 cents. And this is what you want with losses, keep’em smaller than expected.


I’m still in this trade. I did buy slightly more puts than I have actual stock. I did this so I could make money if the stock moves significantly in either direction. The risk in this stock is R = $2.31 and thats when the stock is right around the $46.50 area. It’s long biased so it goes into the green when it moves above $48.82 or ¬†below $43. So I need it to move over those levels in the next few days.


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