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Probability of a Pullback Very High

I have two different systems, using two different entry methods, that are both signaling that there should be some weakness ahead over the next several days. Granted the Bamboo is one of the systems, and over the last 23 trades has only been right 47% of the time. However, over …

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More On the Pivot-Based Trading System

Turns out that BZB Trader also saw Carsten’s work on the pivot-based trading system. BZB writes: “Supporting my on-going research into the value of pivots for forecasting market direction, Cucca recently sent me a link to one of Henry Carstens pivot based trading systems. Cucca also posted the code for …

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Forgive Me, For I Have Sinned

I have over-ridden one of my systems three times in two days. I really feel like I need to confess. This behavior cannot be tolerated. As much as I try to ignore the noise, it is very hard. The economy, employment, etc., are not the market. While I am extremely …

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