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Top Ten Short Setups

I am not yet officially bearish, but I am near to it. Neither breadth nor volume is confirming this latest rally, and while we could certainly see new highs, any stalling or consolidation is likely to lead to a small to moderate correction. Most traders are sitting on decent profits …

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Top 5 Short Setups for Wednesday

If you are following the Fecal Cliff debacle, you are likely aware that the Senate version has been sent to the House but the House may not pass it. If you are not following the Fecal Cliff debacle, good. It is a disheartening display of how awful our government is. …

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2 Short Setups

I’m still not ready to go full-tilt bullish. With $SPY putting in two back-to-back doji days just beneath the 50 day average, I think there is room here for some downside. With that in mind, here are two stocks that have been in a downtrend but have recently surged, are …

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Top Short Setups

I may be a day or so early with these. Trading just before the employment report is released (Friday) is always a gamble. If I had to guess, I would guess that a large gap up today will be sold. No time for anything but symbols today… LAD DDD SPPI …

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