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Wisconsin GOP Has Big Balls – Passes Bill to Reduce Collective Bargaining

Tonight the Wisconsin GOP amended the budget bill to remove the provision that appropriates funds. In doing this, the bill as amended was no longer subject to the same rules as a budget bill. This allowed the Senate to vote on the bill without a quorum. And vote they did, 18-1.

Over the past several days Governor Walker attempted to negotiate with the fleebagging Democrats, but to no avail. Governor Walker published the emails of the negotiations, which clearly showed the Democrats to be intransigent. Of course, had the Democrats not fled the state, emails would have not been necessary.

Governor Walker and the Wisconsin GOP have successfully ended major collective bargaining provisions in a state known to be a union stronghold. Moreover, as Wisconsin is widely viewed to be the state that birthed the modern Progressive movement, this vote represents a historic defeat to unions and Progressives alike.

Look for liberals to fume and spew vicious irony about the death of democracy over the coming days. Watch as the “new civility”, birthed from the Giffords tragedy, goes down in flames as unions and Progressives demonstrate over the GOP exercising the rights given to them by the electorate.

The truth is that this has nothing to do with the teachers or worker’s rights. The truth is that this defeat severely damages the ability of the unions to collect dues. With over 95% of union political contributions going to Democrats, the vicious cycle of the unions extorting tax-payer dollars and then using the money to elect Democrats to ensure continued extortion, is finished.

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