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10 Cups With Handles for Wednesday

In light of the resolution of the Fecal Cliff, my short setups post may be just right for a quick trade in a market that will be short-term overbought.

However, the following stocks have made cups with handles, and today’s jump may just provide the push they need to breakout. Pick your poison.

While looking at these and other charts, I noticed that Real Estate and Property Management Groups were near breaking out…

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Cups With Handles for Monday

Despite the minor pullback we’ve seen over the last few days, there are some surprisingly bullish cup with handle charts. I’ve posted them below. As always, the cup with handle chart is looking for a breakout above the right handle in order to trigger an entry.

Have a great week trading!

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Ye Olde Cup With Handle Screen

Well, as I predicted, we did not experience a real correction. I did predict a bounce, but did not guess it would be sustained the way it has been. Perhaps $SPY will weaken here and head back towards the 50 day average.

The High Tight Flag screen has not been producing anything new over the past couple of days, but $INSM and $IMH still look good.

The screen that has returned some interesting plays is the Cup with Handle Screen.

Have a great Friday!


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Cup With Handles for Thursday

A low volatility market doesn’t give a whole lot of blog fodder. It is much more fun and interesting to tear apart a market that is falling, or at least volatile. So while the market continues to be rather boring, I’m going to dust off some scans and see how you folks like them.


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Cup With Handle Screen for Monday


I’m going to try a little different format since this screen has been so popular lately. The Left Cup price is what I use for the profit target when I backtest this. I’ve been experimenting with a ranking method, but haven’t found anything yet that seems to make a big difference.

MIPS Technologies, Inc. [[MIPS]] Con-way Inc. [[CNW]] MasterCard Incorporated [[MA]] Templeton Emerging Markets Income Fund [[TEI]] [[ETY]] Myriad Genetics, Inc. [[MYGN]] The Hanover Insurance Group, Inc. [[THG]] MercadoLibre, Inc. [[MELI]] Stewart Information Services Corporation [[STC]] NYSE Euronext [[NYX]] RTI Biologics Inc. [[RTIX]] Liz Claiborne, Inc. [[LIZ]] United Online, Inc. [[UNTD]] [[ACWI]] Genoptix, Inc. [[GXDX]] Coldwater Creek Inc. [[CWTR]]

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