Saturday, December 10, 2016
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Woodshedder’s New Best Friend

Been driving for hours today to check out a possible new addition…

Halli's Ruth 2

We decided she is a keeper and are driving back up on Saturday to pick her up and take her home. Faithful blog readers will recall we lost our family dog of 16 years almost a year ago.  We are unbelievably excited and can’t wait to bring her home.

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  1. The Once and Future Rhino
    The Once and Future Rhino

    Congrats brother! It’s and a little Bichon or Maltese? Or will she grow up to be a big sheep dog? My little guy is half Shar Pei, the un-fluffy cousin to the chow.

    • Woodshedder

      Thanks Rhino! Damn, amazing what one these little thing can do for your mental health.

      She is miniature schnauzer. And she is mini…will only be about 12 lbs. Her coloring is not standard schnauzer… she is a rare coloring which is mostly white with a light chocolate hue. You can see the chocolate on her ears and paws.

  2. MOOBS

    I was sad to hear of your dog’s passing. The way it suffered was terrible.

    The kids will love a new pal. Just keep it out of your wife’s etsy stuff!

    • Woodshedder

      The wife has already figured out that the dog is small enough to stay on her lap while she runs the sewing machine…

      My kids were glowing. The puppy’s momma and a 1 year old mini schnauzer were there and they were just really perfect little dogs.

  3. Frank Mc Mahon

    First off., love your site. An everyday read…I have five dogs, and tell people that have never had one, they are missing out on one of
    THE magical experiences of life. They are like no other animal. Congratulations and good luck

  4. Romeo Fayette

    That’s quite heartwarming. I’ve had the experience myself, so I know how emotional and exuberant you must feel. Congrats

  5. Mr. Cain Thaler
    Mr. Cain Thaler

    Awww hahahaha

  6. Sooz

    So happy for you and your family, Wood. What a sweet addition..

  7. garyw1

    congrats on addition we have a schnoodle whos mostly schnauzer about 20 pds. great people dogs but mine has hunted birds. she looks like a doll

  8. Juice

    ridiculously cute … enjoy

  9. Woodshedder

    Thanks for the well wishes everyone!

    Juice, she kind of looks like your avatar?

  10. Anton

    Well done and congratulations.

  11. JP

    $5 says IBC hits quadruple on the pic. ;o) Love it Wood, enjoy.

  12. JP

    Well, I have to take that back prior to acceptance given Fly’s pic featuring ninja kicking said fuzzball. Rest of the sentiment remains!

  13. DaveinPhilly

    Congrats on the new dog!! What’s her name?? I love her coloring. Sadly, our 20 yr. old Siamese cat just died on Sunday. Sammy was a great cat and a great teacher as he taught our children how to love animals.

    • Woodshedder

      Hi Dave, good to hear from you. Sorry to hear about your cat. 20 years is a long time. I’m sure he was a huge part of your family.

      The new puppy is named Stella.

      • DaveinPhilly

        Better practice your Marlon Brando impersonisation out on the back patio at a loud voice! LOL.