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Fidelity Sector Funds Rotational System January Performance

The system did 2.9% in January. Not great, but coming off of December, where it added 6.3%, I’m not going to complain too much.

$SPY gained 5.12%.

Since 1.1.2012, $SPY has returned an annualized rate of 16.03%. The Fidelity Rotational System has returned an annualized rate of 14.87% (not including a return on cash). Again, not great, but when we do experience a serious correction, I believe the risk management the Fidelity system offers will allow it to overtake the $SPY performance.

The system is currently long Air Transportation, Brokerage and Investment Management, and Construction and Housing.

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  1. Fidel Cash Grow

    Big fan of these updates. I haven’t tried the system yet but plan to. Thanks!

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