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Top 5 Fidelity Select Sector Funds

With the $SPX closing above its 50 day moving average, the Fidelity Select Sector Fund Rotational System will move out of cash tomorrow by buying the top 3 funds at the close.

Here are the top 5 funds, based on my ranking system.

FSHOX (Construction and Housing)

FSPCX (Insurance)

FSAVX (Automotive)

FBMPX (Multimedia)

FSDCX (Communications Equipment)

The system is showing a net profit of 6.54% for 2012, assuming one started trading it on January 1st. If we assume the system was traded in 2011 and those trades were held into 2012, it is showing a net profit of 9.9%.

One interesting thing to note is that when the system goes back into the market after being in cash, the equity curve typically begins to climb within a short period of time. See below.

The flat areas of the equity curve represent periods when the system was holding only cash. Recently, the system went to 66% cash on October 22nd and has been 100% in cash since November 19th.

Below is a profit table which shows system performance by month and year for the past 5 years.


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