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Time to Rotate the Fidelity Sector Funds

Yesterday, 3.1.12, was exactly 30 days since purchase of the three top-ranked Fidelity Sector funds. That means that a re-ranking of the funds was completed after yesterday’s close so that any rotations can be made at today’s close.

The top three positions last month for version1 of the system were FSHOX (Construction and Housing), FBIOX (Biotechnology), FSRFX (Transportation). FSHOX and FBIOX are still in the top-three. FSRFX has dropped out of the top three and has been replaced with FSHCX (Medical Delivery). Therefore FSRFX will be sold at today’s close and replaced with FSHCX. FSHOX and FBIOX will be held until they drop out of the top three.

Version 2 of the system has ranked the following funds as the top three: FDLSX (Leisure), FSHOX (Construction and Housing), FBMPX (Multimedia). It will drop FBIOX and FSAIX, keep FSHOX, and add FDLSX and FBMPX.

Eventually I’ll create a chart to help make tracking these easier.

Over this weekend I’ll update the system with the actual trades made at today’s close.



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