Sunday, December 11, 2016
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Slicing Through Lower Bollinger Bands: Bounce or Not?

I had a request to do a Bollinger Band study, since SPY has closed beneath the lower Bollinger Band. Rather than recreate the wheel, I’m going to link to some earlier studies I completed on this topic. Not much has changed since these studies were completed so the results still apply.

The most important thing to remember when trading outside the bands is that it is by definition, abnormal.

SPY Close Beneath Lower Bollinger Band: Bullish?

SPY > 1% Beneath Lower Bollinger Band: Buy or Sell?

SPY Closes Twice Beneath Lower Bollinger Band: Bullish?

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  1. Aesop

    Thanks Woodshedder.

  2. Woodshedder

    Dayum. My predictions in those previous BB posts were spot on. (Patting myself on the back).