Monday, December 5, 2016
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And the 2012 President is ….

Mitt Romney...Total Electoral Votes 293* (We believe it will take days for the official count to come in)

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  1. Baron the Barbarian, Saint Clause, Herzog upon Wynnsor

    Yo V.King, another pleb from Shire Rookness squats with honor, enriching the V.Kingdom with splendour:

    Double duty!

    To be the Man, you must be the man! V.King 12:12

  2. Sur Platonic Plateau du Technocrats, B.R.A., D.J.D upon Rookness

    It’s insulting how Fly threatens BANS on his post IF it concerns politics, then ratified over 100+ pro-Dem provocations.

    “Independent” Fly?

    I’ve got nothing more to say to Fly.

    Whatever respect I may have had went out the window….

    He’s just a financial comedian imo.

  3. KC Scott

    Here’s where you can go make a bet if you’re REALLY that sure:

    Right now you can buy Mitt at $3.00 per Contract – and show a $7.00 profit if he wins.

    Me? Well I voted Romney today but sold 1,000 short @ $3.20 yesterday.

    I won’t be happy with 4 more years under ObaMao but at least I made a few bucks

  4. SirValofHighball


  5. Cascadian

    That close? You must be a little uncertain.